• Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable
  • Should You Worry About That Flickering Light?
  • Will The Next Thunderstorm Fry Your Computer Or TV?

Down Power Lines

As your hometown experts for everything related to electricity, the Lumberjack Electric team wants to ensure that all of our friends and neighbors in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area understands the importance of electrical safety inside their homes and outdoors. While it is rare to come across downed power lines, everyone must realize how lethal this […]

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Summer Energy Saving Tips

As summertime temperatures increase, the hottest summer on record has been set nine times since 2005, and energy costs are also climbing. So the team at Lumberjack Electric would like to offer residents from Anoka to Stillwater a few options to save energy and cash this summer season. And the best news is that these tips will also help

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Flickering Lights

Most of the time, a flickering lightbulb is seen as nothing more than an annoyance. However, when you find that flickering lights constantly plague your Rochester or Stillwater home, it is time to look deeper into the matter. This issue could stem from something as simple as a bad lightbulb to a more serious concern

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