Protecting Your Home from Overloaded Circuits with Lumberjack Electric

Electricity is a powerful force that we use every day. However, it can also be dangerous if not used properly. As the winter season blankets The Twin Cities Metro in a chilly embrace, homeowners rely more than ever on the comforting warmth and conveniences powered by electricity. However, with this heightened dependence comes a need for heightened awareness of potential dangers, especially concerning overloaded circuits. 

Power Up Your Safety: Electrical Resolutions for a Secure Home with Easy Financing

Lights flickering, outlets buzzing – your home speaks to you, and it’s time to listen. Welcome to Lumberjack Electrical, where we transform resolutions into reality. As the New Year unfolds, your home deserves more than just promises; it deserves a pledge to safety. Join us on a journey to fortify your home, unraveling the secrets of electrical safety. And the best part? We’re ensuring your safety and making it easier with our hassle-free financing options. Let’s power up your resolutions and secure your home with confidence.

Maximize Electrical Safety: Your Ultimate Guide to a Winter-Ready Home

As winter approaches, it’s crucial to focus on your home’s electrical system for a warm and cozy house. Lumberjack Electric emphasizes the importance of a safe and efficient electrical setup during colder months. This guide explores common winter electrical issues and provides expert tips for homeowners in the Minneapolis-St-Paul area.

What Uses The Most Electricity In A Home

As the cost of everything from energy to food continues to increase, residents from Anoka and Bloomington to Stillwater are eager to find ways to trim their household budgets. And no one better to rely on for helpful energy-saving tips than the professional electricians at Lumberjack Electric. This team of seasoned experts is happy to help residents across the state find …

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Why Are Your Lights Flickering in Fall? Uncover the Answers!

Are the lights in your home flickering like friendly ghosts getting into the Halloween spirit? Don’t worry; there’s a logical explanation for it. The change in seasons can have an impact on your electrical system. As we approach fall, homeowners need to ensure their homes are well-prepared for the colder weather and festive occasions like Halloween.

Cutting Costs, Not Comfort: 8 Proven Strategies to Lower Your Electric Bill

As the scorching summer temperatures rise, so does the strain on your electricity bill. But here’s the good news: you can reduce energy expenses without sacrificing comfort. At Lumberjack Electric, we’ve been serving the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area for years, and we’re here to share eight proven strategies to help you lower your electric bill while keeping your home cool and inviting.

Spring Savings: 5 Energy-Saving Tips for Homeowners

As the weather warms up and spring approaches, many homeowners in Minneapolis-St. Paul Area are looking for ways to save money on their electricity bills without breaking the bank. Here are five energy-saving tips from Lumberjack Electric that can help you reduce expenses and keep your home comfortable.