Electrical Coupons

Homeowners in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region understand that electrical safety and the reliability of their home's electrical system are only good as the professionals who care for this vital system. So the choice is simple. They choose Lumberjack Electric for all their emergency service needs, repairs, installations, and inspections. With years of service in the community and over 1,900 great reviews of our service and team members, it is easy to know that you will always get superior service when you call Lumberjack Electric at 612-236-9052.

Adding Value To Our Exceptional Electrical Services

As a homeowner, you know there are always items on a to-do list and chores to keep your home functional and safe. And along with all of these tasks come expenses that you must work into your budget. At Lumberjack Electric, we never want any community member to put off electrical service or ignore a hazardous electrical issue in their home because of budgetary constraints. We believe that your safety and well-being are always the priority. So we offer many money-saving coupons and even a financing option for larger expenses to help you manage your budget while keeping your loved ones and home safe.

Legendary Deals On Essential Electrical Services

Today's complex residential electrical systems, appliances, and technology mean that adding a new appliance, home entertainment device, or even adding outlets requires a licensed electrician's service to ensure safety and electrical code compliance. To help our customers defray the cost of some of these popular services, Lumberjack Electric offers multiple coupons for our more in-demand services here on our coupon page.

The coupons rotate and include vital services such as smoke detector replacement, ceiling fan installation, energy audits, electrical panel upgrades, and many other services. In addition, we try to include a general coupon that our customers can use for any service, such as a discount or credit for their service call fee. And finally, we always want to show our respect and gratitude for some special community members. These discounts are offered to military members, healthcare workers, and senior citizens as a thank you for all they do and contribute to our community.

What Makes A Great Electrical Company?

This simple question has a much more complex answer than you might expect. There is no one service, skill, or attribute that makes an electrical company or any company great or better than its competition. At Lumberjack Electric, we believe that our success is based on many things, including:

  • Extensive training and knowledge
  • Dedication to our customers
  • Commitment to professionalism
  • Attention to detail in everything we do
  • Focus on monitoring building codes and code updates
  • Working together as a team to provide the best overall electrical service and customer service in the industry
  • Respect for our customers, their homes, and their hard work
  • Valuing each customer as a person, family, and member of the community, not just a number

In short, each Lumberjack Electric employee is an integral part of our success in delivering quality electrical service at fair and reasonable prices. And we will continue to strive to provide this value to each customer who welcomes us into their home.

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