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Flickering Lights

Flickering Lights

Flickering Lights Most of the time, a flickering lightbulb is seen as nothing more than an annoyance. However, when you find that flickering lights constantly plague your Rochester or Stillwater home, it is time to look deeper into the matter. This issue could stem from ...

Types Of Outlets

Types Of Outlets If you were asked about the electrical outlets in your Hastings home, you would likely feel confident in answering a few questions. After all, how tough could it be? These are fundamental items that you use multiple times a day. But could you estimate ...

How Electrical Upgrades Will Improve Your Home Office Productivity

How Electrical Upgrades Will Improve Your Home Office Productivity If you have been a part of the work-from-home workforce for many years or even just starting out, you might be shocked at how a few electrical upgrades can increase your productivity. You feel like things ...
Efficiency Hub A/C Efficiency How to Lower Electric Bill Energy Star Top 5 Reasons Bill is High

Top 5 Reasons Bill is High

The pros at Lumberjack Electric are here to do much more than just respond when you have an electrical issue in your Hastings or Rochester home. We are dedicated to offering assistance in all aspects of your home's electrical system care and management, from safety upgrades to figuring out ...
led light bubls

LED Light Bulbs

Replacing a light bulb in your Stillwater home used to be a straightforward task. Now, when you go to the store to purchase a replacement, you face many choices, from traditional incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent and LEDs. It is understandably confusing, which can result in you ...

How To Lower Electric Bill

Every household in the Minneapolis area runs on a budget. And even if some budgets are more significant than others, homeowners all want to find ways to cut expenses without altering their lifestyle or feeling deprived. So when there are ways to slash utility expenses like reducing ...
GFCI Won’t Reset

GFCI Won’t Reset

A GFCI is the type of outlet that you find throughout your Minneapolis home in areas where moisture is or could be present. These outlets provide an added layer of safety from electrical shocks thanks to their built-in breaker. This breaker trips or shuts off ...
lightning storm over house

Home Surge Protectors: Worth It?

For many, home buying or home building is a once a lifetime investment, and for others, it’s a chance that only comes around once every couple of decades. Homeowners and landlords alike have a prerogative to protect their property investments, and that often times includes ...

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