What Uses The Most Electricity In A Home

As the cost of everything from energy to food continues to increase, residents from Anoka and Bloomington to Stillwater are eager to find ways to trim their household budgets. And no one better to rely on for helpful energy-saving tips than the professional electricians at Lumberjack Electric. This team of seasoned experts is happy to help residents across the state find …

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Cutting Costs, Not Comfort: 8 Proven Strategies to Lower Your Electric Bill

As the scorching summer temperatures rise, so does the strain on your electricity bill. But here’s the good news: you can reduce energy expenses without sacrificing comfort. At Lumberjack Electric, we’ve been serving the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area for years, and we’re here to share eight proven strategies to help you lower your electric bill while keeping your home cool and inviting.

Spring Savings: 5 Energy-Saving Tips for Homeowners

As the weather warms up and spring approaches, many homeowners in Minneapolis-St. Paul Area are looking for ways to save money on their electricity bills without breaking the bank. Here are five energy-saving tips from Lumberjack Electric that can help you reduce expenses and keep your home comfortable.

Summer Energy Saving Tips

As summertime temperatures increase, the hottest summer on record has been set nine times since 2005, and energy costs are also climbing. So the team at Lumberjack Electric would like to offer residents from Anoka to Stillwater a few options to save energy and cash this summer season. And the best news is that these tips will also help …

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LED Light Bulbs

Replacing a light bulb in your Stillwater home used to be a straightforward task. Now, when you go to the store to purchase a replacement, you face many choices, from traditional incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent and LEDs. It is understandably confusing, which can result in you missing out on significant energy savings. Don’t just give up …

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