As summertime temperatures increase, the hottest summer on record has been set nine times since 2005, and energy costs are also climbing. So the team at Lumberjack Electric would like to offer residents from Anoka to Stillwater a few options to save energy and cash this summer season. And the best news is that these tips will also help keep your home cool and comfortable.

Replace Your AC Air Filter

The job of your AC’s air filter is to remove dust and dirt before the air enters the interior of the cooling system. So it only makes sense that the filter will get covered in dust and begin to reduce the airflow into the AC. Leaving a clogged air filter in the AC for a month is likely to increase your AC operating cost by as much as 15% while also decreasing your comfort level. Checking the air filter once each month and replacing it as needed will keep your AC operating as efficiently as possible. In addition, ensuring proper airflow into the AC system will add years to its service and reliability.

Switch To LED Light Bulbs

If you are using incandescent light bulbs, you should know that only about 15% of the electricity is being used to create light. The remaining electricity is adding heat to your home. Switching to LED lights will help reduce your home’s temperature and decrease your lighting energy consumption by up to 75%.

Use Fans And The AC

Most household fans can run 24/7 for a month and use only about $5 in electricity. But those fans do not create cool air. So you should use the AC to create cool air and then allow the fans to circulate that valuable cooled air. Studies have found that you can adjust your thermostat four degrees higher in the summer and not decrease your comfort level if you use fans to circulate the cooled air.

Cool Cooking Options

Cooking a meal can add a great deal of heat to your house, causing your AC to work harder than necessary. Instead of using the oven or cooking on the stovetop, opt for outdoor cooking on the grill or try a slow cooker to create healthy home-cooked meals without adding heat to the house.

Keep The Sun Out

Did you ever think that something as simple as pulling the window shades down could save money? If not, give this simple tip a try. The radiant heat coming in through windows can increase the temperature in your home by several degrees. And, should you prefer having natural light in your home, opt for open blinds only on the windows that face north for the least radiant heat.

If you need professional help installing ceiling fans in your home or retrofitting light fixtures for LED light bulbs, call 612-236-9052 for a price quote from the licensed electricians at Lumberjack Electric. We offer very affordable rates for all of our expert electrical services and back each job with a complete warranty on parts and labor.