Most of the time, a flickering lightbulb is seen as nothing more than an annoyance. However, when you find that flickering lights constantly plague your Rochester or Stillwater home, it is time to look deeper into the matter. This issue could stem from something as simple as a bad lightbulb to a more serious concern with a fluctuation in the flow of electricity in your house. But until you discover the cause of the problem, there is a chance that those flickering lights could be a warning of a potentially life-threatening situation.

What Causes A Flickering Light

There are many reasons a light could be flickering. Some of the simple and easily corrected problems include:

  • A worn-out lightbulb
  • A damaged lightbulb
  • A lightbulb that is loose in the light socket
  • A loose plug
  • A faulty or damaged dimmer switch or switch on the fixture

All of these are relatively simple to locate and correct. First, start with the electrical plug for the light fixture and make sure it is secured in the outlet. Next, check the lightbulb to ensure it is secured in the light socket. If both are secure, move the fixture to another outlet to determine if the outlet is damaged. If the light works well in another outlet, call 612-236-9052 and schedule an appointment with the Lumberjack Electric pros to repair the damaged outlet. If the issue is in the light fixture, stop using it until it can be fixed by a professional to ensure that it is not a safety hazard.

More Complex Causes Of A Flickering Light

Other more serious issues could be to blame for that flickering light, including:

  • An overloaded electrical circuit
  • Fluctuating voltage coming into your home
  • Loose or outdated wire connections on the circuit
  • Issues with the electrical supply in the region
  • A problem with the electrical meter or the main service line entering your home at the electrical box

When you have ruled out all of the simple and easily remedied reasons for flickering lights, it is time to call in the professionals at Lumberjack Electric to begin testing the electrical circuit and electrical supply to your home.

Why Are Circuits Suddenly Overloaded?

If the flickering lights in your home are a relatively new issue, you could be wondering how there are suddenly so many overloaded circuits in the house. But this is when it is vital to stop and think about new electronics and appliances that you might have added to your home and the age of the electrical system.

Homes built just a few decades ago were not intended to handle all the electronics and massive commercial quality appliances common in today’s homes. Things like home theaters, gourmet kitchen appliances, and enormous air conditioners all require a substantial amount of electricity. If you have added these upgraded features to your home, it could be time or past time to consider upgrading your home’s electrical panel.

Call 612-236-9052 to learn more about what could be causing your home’s lights to flicker and how to best correct the problem from the experts at Lumberjack Electric.