When you think about all of the appliances and features in your Anoka or Hastings home that rely on electricity, you become more aware of the importance of an updated electrical panel. This single panel is the hub of your home’s electrical system. And if it is outdated or damaged, the results can be poor electrical service or safety hazards throughout your house. The team at Lumberjack Electric is always available to inspect your current electrical panel and provide you with a recommendation and free price quote for a new panel that will better meet your need. Call 612-236-9052 to request an appointment.

New Electrical Panel = More Power

Homes built just 30 years ago were not designed to support all of the electronic devices and appliances found in modern homes. So you could be struggling to locate enough outlets to plug in chargers and devices, the lights could flicker often, and appliances are constantly breaking down. These are all issues that can be traced back to insufficient electricity from your outdated electrical panel. However, once the new panel is installed, you should find that the lights no longer flicker when the refrigerator turns on, and you can finally add the outlets you need to operate all of your electronics and appliances safely.

Other Benefits

A new electrical panel means increased safety as well as more power. So when you speak to your insurance agent, be sure to ask about a discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy for added safety. Also, check with your electricity provider to see if they offer any discounts or rebates for an electrical panel upgrade. And finally, know that upgrading your electrical panel is an investment in your home. The money you are spending for this upgrade will add to the value of your home. Homebuyers love to hear about recent upgrades that mean they have fewer to-do items after moving into the house.

Time To Reward Yourself

When you upgrade your electrical panel, you might want to think about treating yourself to a new feature or two that you have always wanted. Maybe you have been eyeing a new spa or hot tub for the backyard. This is the perfect time to add a circuit for that luxurious and warm addition that could make the long Minnesota winter more tolerable. Or you could be thinking about treating yourself to an E-car. While most can be charged from a 110v outlet, the time required is considerable. However, with a new dedicated 240v outlet in the garage, you are ready for a Level 2 charger that offers a complete charge in a fraction of the time it takes on a Level 1 charger.

Signs Its Time For A Plan Upgrade

You will know it is time to upgrade your home’s electrical panel if it is:

  • Water damaged
  • Smells odd
  • Has fuses
  • Is warm to the touch
  • Is making buzzing or humming sounds
  • Often tripping

Call 612-236-9052 to request a free price quote for an electrical panel upgrade if you notice any of these potentially hazardous issues.