Top 5 Reasons Bill is High

The pros at Lumberjack Electric are here to do much more than just respond when you have an electrical issue in your Hastings or Rochester home. We are dedicated to offering assistance in all aspects of your home’s electrical system care and management, from safety upgrades to figuring out why your electric bills are so high. In most households, ever-increasing electric bills can be traced back to some common issues that we will help you eliminate.

Put An End To Vampires In Your Home

Many of our customers have no idea that most of their appliances are sipping electricity even when not in use. Items like the microwave, DVD player, cable box, and television consume energy even when you think they are turned off. In reality, items that can be used via remote or have an always-on display are in standby mode. So they use power 24/7, even if they are not turned on. The best way to eliminate this trickle of energy that adds up quickly is to plug items into a power strip that you can turn off to stop vampire energy use.

Take Full Advantage Of Modern Conveniences

No one washes clothing by hand anymore. And very few of us wash many dishes in the kitchen sink. But almost everyone is guilty of running the washing machine or dishwasher when the device is not fully loaded. While these appliances are exceptional time savers, they also consume a considerable amount of energy. So washing a few dirty dishes or a single outfit is a significant waster of energy. Vow to run appliances only when they are fully loaded and watch your electric bill begin to decrease.

Use Lights And Ceiling Fans Correctly

Lighting an entire room is a waste of energy, and it adds unnecessary heat in the summer months. Instead, homeowners should focus on adding light fixtures to specific areas to make the space functional but not necessarily light the whole room. And just like your parents told you all those years ago, turn off the light when you leave the room. Both of these tips will help save electricity and lower your bill.

Ceiling fans have a very similar rule as lights. They do not impact the temperature of the space. They only move air to add to the occupant’s comfort level. When you leave the room, turn off the ceiling fan to save some cash.

Old Appliances

It is tempting to get as many years of service as possible from your appliances, But you need to realize that they waste money every month in excess energy use. Put that money toward a new device that will be more energy-efficient and offer updated features.

Mini Vampires

All of the charger cords plugged in throughout your home are also sipping electricity, regardless of what they are plugged into. Remove the chargers to stop the drain on your electricity and wallet.

For professional help getting your electric bill back under control, call the pros at Lumberjack Electric at 612-236-9052.