A GFCI is the type of outlet that you find throughout your Minneapolis home in areas where moisture is or could be present. These outlets provide an added layer of safety from electrical shocks thanks to their built-in breaker. This breaker trips or shuts off the power when it detects a short or ground fault. Visually, you will recognize GFCIs by the two small buttons on the center of the outlet plate, the red button is labeled reset, and the black button is labeled test.

When A Device Is Plugged In But Not Working

When you discover an appliance that is not working, always check the outlet to see if it is a GFCI and if it has been tripped. Electrical code requires GFCI outlets in bathrooms, garages, outdoors, kitchens, laundry rooms, pool areas, crawl spaces, and unfinished basement. In most cases, when you find a tripped GFCI, all you need to do is press the reset button. In doing this it restores the power, and your device should function correctly.

Testing A GFCI

Testing any GFCI is as simple as pressing the test button when a device is plugged in and turned on. If the GFCI is working correctly, the power will immediately be cut, and the device will turn off. It is always a good idea to check GFCI outlets from time to time because they can wear out, just like any other electrical component.

When You Discover A Tripped GFCI

Most people will quickly push the reset as soon as they discover a tripped GFCI, but it is helpful to gather more information before resetting the outlet. Check other GFCI outlets in the room and other standard outlets to see that they are working. If more than one GFCI is tripped or other outlets are not working, the issue is likely to be more complicated. If you have only one tripped GFCI on the area, push the reset button to restore the power.

The GFCI Does Not Reset

If you push the reset button but the power is not restored, there is an issue with the outlet or in that circuit. This is the appropriate time for most homeowners to call 612-236-9052 to schedule an appointment with a Lumberjack Electric professional. If you are more confident about your electrical knowledge, you can check the breaker for the GFCI outlet’s circuit. Resetting that breaker might provide a solution. But beyond that step, you should rely on the skill and expertise of the licensed electricians from Lumberjack.

Get The Best Bang For Your Buck

If your GFCI outlet has failed due to use or old age, it is likely a good idea to have all of the GFCIs in your home replaced. They are typically the same age and represent more issues to come. Also, think about upgrading some of your outlets with USB charging ports for added convenience in your office or workspace. These upgrades and replacements can all be completed quickly, cost-effectively, and to local code by the licensed pros from Lumberjack Electric.