Electrical Service Mast Repair

In the Minneapolis/St. Paul region, electrical service is delivered to your home via overhead wires and a service mast that is mounted on your home’s roof. The mast is essentially a sleeve that provides access to get the electrical wires to the electric meter and serves to protect them a bit. In addition, you become the responsible party for the service at the electrical service mast, so if there is an issue, it is your job to have it repaired and pay for that service. So it is vital to understand more about the mast and how it can cause your electricity to be interrupted.

The Physical Mast

As we mentioned, the mast is like a sleeve that protects the electrical wires and also provides a path for them to get to your home’s electrical meter. The pipe or pole rises above the roof and typically has a fitting on the end so that the opening is pointed down toward the roof to keep moisture out of the pipe. The issue arises when the mast pole becomes worn or damaged. It could be caused by age or a large branch that falls on the roof and damages the tube. However, any damage can cut off your electrical supply, and you will need to call  612-236-9052 for assistance from the experts at Lumberjack Electric to repair the mast and restore your home’s electrical service.

Signs Of An Issue With Your Electrical Service Mast

The first issue you might discover is that your home has no power. If that is the case, check with your electricity provider to determine if there is an outage in your area. If not, it is time to start at the electrical mast and look for signs of damage or other issues. You can locate the mast by going to the electrical meter on the exterior of your house and following the tube up to the roof. That tube is the lower part of the mast. Only visually inspect the mast for damage. Never touch it. If you see it is bent, rusted, or damaged, it is time to call in the professionals at Lumberjack Electric to repair the mast and your electrical service safely.

Another indication that there is damage to the mast and your electrical service is that the electrical meter is not registering power flowing into your home. Therefore, even if you have no power to some or most areas, only the meter will confirm that there is no power entering the house via the mast.

Electrical Service Mast Repair Is NOT A DIY Project

Even if you can clearly see where the mast is damaged, never take the repair on as a DIY project. Up to 240 volts of electricity in the service line could severely injure you and start a fire. The only safe solution is to leave this repair in the capable hands of the licensed electricians at Lumberjack Electric. Call  612-236-9052 and request emergency service to repair the damage to the mast and restore the power to your home.