Whole-Home Surge Protection

It can be easy to forget that it only takes one nearby lightning strike to destroy tens of thousands of dollars of electronic devices in your home. From the circuit boards in your appliances to televisions, mobile devices plugged into a charger, or computers, they are all at risk of a massive wave of current that will destroy them. So you need to decide if you are willing to take that chance or if whole-home surge protection is worth the cost to eliminate the potential for this costly devastation. And before you find comfort in the use of power strips that claim to offer surge protection, understand that you get what you pay for, or about $10 worth of peace of mind. To learn more about professional quality whole-home surge protection for your Anoka home, call 612-236-9052 to speak to the experts at Lumberjack Electric.

Is There Really That Much Lightning To Justify Whole-Home Surge Protection?

Sadly, it takes but a fraction of a second for lightning to destroy the electronics and appliances in your home. Imagine 200,000 amps of power tearing through your home's electrical wiring, wreaking havoc. That is what most homeowners think of when they consider surge protection. However, the more common cause of surge-related damage is a simple downed power line. And we all know that this can often happen during the winter storms in Bloomington. Other threats for a power surge come from sudden changes in power consumption at a nearby industrial facility or cycling of common household appliances like a clothes dryer, air conditioner, or refrigerator. So consider that there is a potential for dozens of power surges per day in the average neighborhood.

Plug-In Surge Protectors

Many people are happy to use the average plug-in-style surge protector that looks like a power strip and claims to protect their expensive devices. But what you need to understand is that these devices have a small built-in fuse, and that is all that protects your expensive electronics. In most cases, a significant power surge will almost instantly melt that fuse and continue to destroy all of the items you were trying to protect. But this should not be too shocking when you consider that you were only investing $10 to $20 to protect a television or computer that was valued at thousands of dollars. The wise choice is to protect your entire home with a professionally designed and installed device.

Whole-Home Surge Protectors

A quality whole-home surge protector is installed inside the electrical panel in your home. This location provides the most safety as it stops the surge before it can overload and melt the electrical wiring in your home to start a fire. The low-end rating for a house with 200-amp service is typically a minimum of 40,000 amp protection. However, you and your Lumberjack Electric expert can decide the level of protection that you feel most comfortable installing.

Call 612-236-9052 to learn more about your options for whole-home surge protection from the licensed electricians at Lumberjack Electric. And be sure to ask if any of our current specials apply to your installation.

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