Under Cabinet Lighting

Proper lighting is vital in every part of your home, but none is as critical as the illumination of the counter spaces under your upper kitchen cabinetry. The lighting experts at Lumberjack Electric have decades of combined expertise in selecting and professionally installing lighting that will add to your counters' safe use and functionality. Contact us at 612-236-9052 to schedule a visit to your home from one of our lighting specialists to determine the best way to provide the lighting you need under your home's kitchen cabinets.

Powering Under cabinetry Lighting

The first concern many homeowners have when thinking about installing lighting under kitchen cabinets is the power source. Of course, no one wants to see electrical wiring running along the wall and up to the concealed lights. Fortunately, the pros at Lumberjack Electric make the installation of electric under cabinet lights look simple. Over the years, our team has perfected installing concealed wiring to power all the lights hidden under the lower trim of your kitchen's upper cabinets.

Types Of Under cabinetry Lights

There is a wide array of options for the fixtures that you will have lighting your counter work surfaces. Some of the choices include:

  • Light Bars– these fixtures run parallel to the wall and light a long section of the counter surface. Your options range from around 18-inches to several feet long for a single fixture. These are great to light an entire counter surface that sees much use.
  • Puck Lights– these smaller round lights can be installed as single light sources to illuminate a small section of the counter, for example, over your coffee maker or other small appliance. Several can also be installed along an area of the counter surface to gently light the entire surface of a counter more decoratively.
  • Rope Lights– These lighting ropes provide a smaller amount of light but are ideal for adding impact to the space or softly illuminating the counter surface. However, most are not sufficient to light a workspace.
  • Motion Sensor Or Remote Lighting– These options are ideal in the kitchen when you could have wet hands and do not want to be touching a light switch. Many homeowners are also interested in integrating their new lights with a home automation platform to increase the functionality of the lighting.

Under cabinetry Lighting For Other Spaces

While the most common place to locate under cabinet lighting is in the kitchen, there are several other very useful applications, including the laundry room, craft room, garage, or workshop. Depending on the location, there are many features that might add value to your lighting selections, such as brighter light in a craft row hobby area and more durable lights in a space used as a workshop or garage and could see a bit more abuse.

The team at Lumberjack Electric is ready to visit your home and help you create your ideal undercabinet lighting project for your Hastings or Rochester home. We handle all the wiring, installation, and testing, so you know the job will be perfect and backed by a full warranty.

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