Top Home Electrical Problems


We are all guilty of taking the electrical service in our Hastings and Stillwater homes for granted. We have always lived with the convenience of flipping a switch to light the room or turning on a fan or air conditioning when the house gets too hot. But that dependence becomes very clear, and our appreciation usually increases a bit after facing any one of these typical and potentially hazardous home electrical problems.

A Constantly Tripping Breaker

Circuit breakers are an essential piece of the safety equipment built into your home’s electrical system. These devices are designed to trip or open the circuit when a fault is detected. So when a breaker in your home trips, think of that like a text message or email from your home alerting you to an electrical issue. If the breaker trips just once or twice each year, the problem is likely to be a power fluctuation. However, when you are resetting that breaker multiple times a week, there is a severe issue that could result in an electrical fire. It is time to call 612-236-9052 to schedule a visit from the licensed electricians at Lumberjack Electric.

Power Fluctuations

Most consumers think that only excessive power is dangerous. So if the power decreases or dips slightly, there should be no reason for concern. However, that is not correct. Any fluctuation in power, either too high or too low, is potentially hazardous for your home’s electronic and electrical devices.

An occasional surge from a lightning strike or dip from excessive power demand is not unheard of, but it can be hazardous, especially to particular items in your home. A decrease in power is often perceived as the lights dimming slightly for a moment.

However, if that issue continues, it can cause electric motors to overheat, resulting in damage or destruction. A drop in power can also damage delicate electronic devices as the power fluctuates in ripples with the decrease and increase in voltage. If you notice these events occurring frequently, call 612-236-9052 to schedule a service appointment with the experts at Lumberjack Electric.

Minimal Electrical Outlets

A lot has changed in the 40 or 50 years since your home was built. The most noticeable of those changes is the amount of technology in the average household. Everyone has smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more small appliances than were even imagined when your home was built. So you are likely juggling many chargers and power strips to plug in all your chargers, blenders, coffee machines, and robot vacuums.

In addition to your ever-growing frustration level, those power strips also potentially overload circuits and significantly increase the potential for an electrical fire. The smart choice is to call 612-236-9052 to schedule an appointment for an electrical system evaluation and the installation of some new outlets. Your Lumberjack pro will let you know if other upgrades, like new wiring or circuits, are needed to handle all your electrical demands safely. You might even want to treat yourself to a few combo electrical outlet and USB charging station receptacles.

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