Tips On Reducing AC Energy Usage


Most homeowners in the Stillwater and Bloomington communities expect to see their electric bill increase when AC season comes to town. However, as the cost of electricity continues to increase, they are also looking for a few innovative ways to reduce that energy usage and get their electric bills down to a more manageable amount. So the experts at Lumberjack Electric have compiled a few tips to help reduce the amount of power this energy-hungry appliance consumes.

Lighten The Workload

Most homeowners would find it very hard to differentiate between 73 degrees and 74 degrees. That minimal change is hard for a person to detect. However, your AC system will benefit by running less often and using less power. Some ambitious homeowners even work a little harder by increasing the thermostat one degree a week for a couple of weeks to save more money with a three-degree temperature increase without the sudden shock of the warmer environment.

Go Smart

If adjusting the setting on your thermostat slightly does not sound appealing, then maybe it is time to automate your cooling with a programmable thermostat. These devices offer multiple programs to allow you to save a significant amount of energy and money without suffering in a warmer than usual house. For example, you can set the thermostat to increase the temperature when you are at work or away from home and return it to your ideal setting just before you arrive home. This program can save you money for at least a third of each weekday. In addition, you can increase the temperature when you are on vacation to save even more.

Change That AC Filter

The AC air filter is meant to keep harmful dust, dirt, and debris out of your air conditioner to avoid damage. However, when the filter is doing its job, it is also shortening its life. Soon, that hard-working filter is covered in dust and dirt, which makes the AC work harder. All that dirt increases the difficulty of pulling air into the unit. And over time, it can starve the AC for airflow and cause significant and costly damage. Replacing that air filter for a few dollars is the perfect way to save energy and add years of service to the life of your AC system.

Increase Airflow

Blocked vents and registers in your home make it impossible for the cooled air to circulate. Keep furniture away from these vents to ensure your home stays cool. In addition, be sure to schedule regular duct cleaning to eliminate blockages and dust that will inhibit airflow.

Regular Service

Every mechanical device functions more efficiently with proper care and professional service. Your AC system is sure to keep your home more comfortable and use less energy when it receives an annual tune-up and cleaning. This preventative service helps avoid costly repairs and electric bills.

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