The Top 5 Biggest Users Of Electricity


As prices continue to increase, homeowners from Anoka to Rochester are looking for ways to reduce their household expenses and remain within or close to their monthly budget. So it only makes sense, to begin with, one of the larger monthly utility bills, electricity, to look for creative yet reasonable ways to save energy and money. However, the first step on this path to economy starts with understanding which features or items in your home are the real electricity hogs and what you can do to tame their consumption. So here are the top five for you to evaluate and begin to reign in:

The HVAC System

The heating and cooling system is typically the most energy-hungry item in every household. This is because it accounts for nearly half of all the electricity used in the average home. But every homeowner will quickly agree that these are necessities that you cannot live without. So the trick is to find ways to economize while still keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Things like keeping vents clear of furniture, changing the air filters as needed, and using curtains to block the heat out in the summer and hold it in on cold winter nights will help keep your HVAC energy consumption more reasonable.

Water Heating

Your home's water heater is the second-largest consumer of electricity. If you own a traditional tank-style water heater, it consumes most of that energy to keep the holding tank of water hot. Insulating the tank and reducing the thermostat setting to 120 degrees will help reduce the electricity it uses while still providing the hot water you need.

The Team At Number Three

The third leading consumer of electricity in most homes is actually a team. They are the remaining appliances that help out in the kitchen and laundry room. Together, the fridge, washer and dryer, dishwasher, and oven combine to use over 10% of the electricity entering your home. Using each one of these appliances as efficiently as possible is the best way to make a dent in your growing electric bill.

Turn Off That Light

How many times did your parents tell you to turn off the light when you left a room? That reminder was because household lighting consumes about 9% of all electricity in your house. So turning off lights when you leave the room is a good start at reducing electrical expenses. In addition, converting to LED lights can drop your lighting energy consumption by as much as 80%.

Tech Toys

Televisions and media devices account for around 5% of your home's electrical usage. Unfortunately, even when these devices are turned off, they are still using a little energy in a stand-by mode. So pull the plug on these devices when not used to eliminate their electricity and money theft 24/7.

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