Solar Panel Installation

Many homeowners from Anoka to Hastings are interested in learning more about their options to use solar power at their homes. The idea of relying on the sun rather than Xcel Energy or another power company is very appealing because of the financial savings and environmental benefits. But you will quickly discover that there is a lot to evaluate and consider before you opt to install solar panels on your home. Fortunately, the community has a very reliable hometown resource in Lumberjack Electric. You can call 612-236-9052 when you are ready to talk to a licensed electrical professional who understands the process of installing solar panels and the potential benefits they can provide.

Getting Started On Your Quest For Information

Before looking for more cost-effective power, it is essential to know that your home operates as energy-efficiently as possible. In our often cold climate, you could discover that a few very affordable repairs or upgrades in your home will help you save a significant amount of power and keep your home more comfortable. Some of the areas to explore include:

  • Your appliances and technology – ENERGY STAR appliances are the most energy-efficient on the market, and newer appliances use a fraction of the power consumed by models that are just 5- 7 years old. Also, look at energy vampires like chargers and electronics constantly sipping energy, even when turned off.
  • Lighting – Converting to LED lights will significantly decrease the electricity used to light your home and provide a much longer life expectancy per light.
  • Heating and cooling – proper service for your HVAC equipment is vital for its longevity and efficiency. In addition, look for air leaks stealing the air you are paying to heat and cool. Gaps around doors, windows, and weather stripping are easy to correct and instantly save electricity and money.

Finally, a complete home energy audit is the best way to determine how wasteful your home is regarding electricity use. The experts at Lumberjack Electric can assist you with a professional energy audit and recommendations that will help reel in your electric bill.

Will Solar Energy Work At Your Home?

Once you know how much power your home requires, it is crucial to determine if solar power can meet those demands. The first criteria is the amount of sunlight that is reaching your home. If you enjoy a great deal of shade from trees, are you willing to sacrifice that coverage to install solar panels? Online mapping services will help determine the amount of sunlight you can expect year-round to provide solar power.

It is also essential to know the condition of your roof. If your roofing is nearing the end of its life, be sure to have the surface updated before installing solar panels to save a considerable amount on the roofing installation.

The best way to decide if solar power is suitable for your home is to consult a professional. The team at Lumberjack Electric has been providing reliable information and services to the community for years. We are happy to assist you with your exploration of solar power. Just call 612-236-9052.

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