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Residents in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area should all be aware of the value of functional smoke detectors in their homes. At Lumberjack Electric, our team of licensed electricians is here to provide answers to any questions that you might have about installing new smoke detectors to protect your loved ones and home. In addition, we offer smoke detector installation services and often have special pricing for smoke detector replacement projects. Contact our team of pros at 612-236-9052 to learn more about installing these life-saving devices in your home.

Where To Locate Smoke Detectors For Maximum Safety

As a general rule, smoke detectors must be installed on every level of your home. This strategy includes placing them in the basement and attic. On the primary levels of the house, a smoke detector should be placed in each bedroom and in the shared living spaces to ensure the safety of your loved ones. Place the detector on the ceiling as smoke will rise quickly. In addition, avoid placing the units in corners as air does not circulate as quickly, which could delay the smoke detector's activation in the event of a fire. Finally, avoid placing detectors over stoves, dryers, or other heat-producing appliances.

Your Smoke Detector Options

The power source is the most important choice when installing smoke detectors in your home. Hardwired smoke detectors are directly connected to the electrical system of your home. This is the typical installation in a new construction home. The pros at Lumberjack Electric can install the wiring needed and the smoke detectors in your home should you decide to have hardwired detectors. These detectors use a battery as a backup power source to continue to protect your home, even during a power failure.

The other option is a battery-only powered smoke detector. These units can be installed anywhere in your home and do not require any additional wiring. The caveat for these detectors is that you need to test them regularly to ensure the battery is still functioning and then replace it every six months.

Dual Purpose Detectors

There are dual-purpose detectors that monitor for smoke and carbon monoxide that are designed to be installed in the kitchen. This area tends to have more potential for carbon monoxide issues due to the gas cooking appliance. So many homeowners like to have both safety features in one unit.

Testing And Care

Most smoke detectors are equipped with an easy-to-use test button. Simply press the button to ensure that the sensor is functioning correctly. If the alarm does not sound when the test button is pressed, check the battery or electrical connection powering the unit. If replacing a battery does not solve the issue, replace the smoke detector. If the connections are secure to the hardwired unit that failed the test, call the experts at Lumberjack Electric at 612-236-9052 to correct the issue or replace the malfunctioning smoke detector. Most manufacturers recommend testing smoke detectors each month and vacuuming the unit once each year to remove dust from the sensor.

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