Outdoor Security Lighting

The experts at Lumberjack Electric understand that keeping your loved ones and family safe is vital to your peace of mind. And we are here to assist you in this essential task with outdoor security lighting for your Minneapolis or St. Paul home. Our staff has years of hands-on experience working with valued customers to determine their needs for added security using a variety of fixtures and functions. So call us at 612-236-9052 to schedule an appointment today to provide the most safety and security for your family and home.

Determining Your Needs

When you look at your outdoor space, you see the lush trees and plants that add color and texture to the yard. But when the Lumberjack Electric pros evaluate the area, we see the spaces that will create dark shadows at night, paths for intruders to approach your home, and tripping hazards that need to be illuminated for safe passage around the property. This information will help us guide you through selecting the correct type of lighting and activating the lighting to best protect your home and property.

Typical Outdoor Security Lighting Choices

Motion Activated Lights: While you don’t want your entire yard brightly lit at night, you want to ensure that lights will be activated if an intruder is approaching. Motion-activated lights allow for added security when needed and pleasing lower levels of lighting for ambiance the rest of the time. In addition, these lights are more economical to operate as they only turn on when needed.

Timed Lighting: Lights on a timer are ideal for places that require lighting throughout the dark hours of the night. Illuminating steps on a walkway allows you to see the tripping hazard and keep the space well lit to discourage unwanted traffic from a would-be burglar. The benefit of having the lights on a timer is that they work flawlessly, even when you are away from home, keeping potential thieves wondering about the status of the house.

Floodlights: These large and powerful lights are designed to provide maximum illumination over a large area. Most floodlights are operated from a switch that is located inside your home. If you hear a noise, flipping that switch will light up the yard and allow you a clear view of anyone on that part of your property.

Combining Safety And Visual Appeal

As experts in the outdoor lighting field, the team at Lumberjack Electric is happy to work with you to create a multifunctional outdoor lighting system. While some lights will be focused on adding security, others will also contribute to the beauty of your property and the landscape. Proper placement of path lights and coach lights will add to the safety as you approach your home, highlight the landscape features, and allow you to see anyone approaching at night, friend or foe.

Call 612-236-9052 today to discuss outdoor security lighting options with the licensed electricians at Lumberjack Electric. Our pros will provide the guidance and professional installation needed to add safety, values, and security to your property at night.


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