Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting, or landscape lighting as it is sometimes called, provides an amazing transformation of your outdoor living space. Before the lighting installation, you could only see and enjoy your landscape in the daylight hours. But with the addition of low voltage lighting, your landscape comes alive at night. And you are free to create the impact, focal points, and excitement that was once a blank canvas. But outdoor lighting offers much more than just beauty.

Outdoor Lighting

What Is Low Voltage Lighting?

Most landscape lighting systems are 24 volts, using a transformer to step down the power. That makes this system very easy to install and safe to use in moist conditions. You can even include fixtures in your design that are rated to function underwater in your fountain or pond. There is no need for conduit, waterproof enclosures for wire connections, or costly installation processes.

Added Beauty And Enjoyment

Most homeowners are away from home for the majority of the daylight hours throughout the week. So you have a tiny window to enjoy your landscape. But with the addition of outdoor lighting, you can enjoy your garden any time you like. And with a professional design, you will enjoy the full impact and depth of the space from strategic light placement. In addition, uplighting through vegetation will cast an interesting and decorative shadow on walls and other structures at night.

More Than Just Another Pretty Face

Safety is another vital benefit of outdoor lighting. Illuminating pathways, surface transitions, and steps increase your safety and guests' safety in the low light and dark hours. And because the fixtures are relatively small, you can easily light paths for safety without creating an eyesore during daylight hours. But there is more to safety than just illuminating walking paths. Outdoor lighting provides an added layer of security around your home. They allow you to look out of the window and see anyone approaching your home. And it is a well-known fact among security experts that light deters would-be criminals. There are too many places that are easy to enter in the cover of darkness to risk attempting to enter a well-lit home.

Your Lighting Options

There are just a few basic types of lighting that will meet all of your needs. These various fixtures include:

  • Up Lights - These can be well-lights or spotlights shining upward into your landscape foliage.
  • Path Lights - These are the fixtures that cast light down to illuminate a walkway, path, or stepping stones.
  • Step Lights - These fixtures are mounted in the riser of a step to light the lower running for added safety climbing steps at night.
  • Underwater Lights - These waterproof fixtures are perfect for lighting a waterfall, pond, or stream.

The secret to an outstanding outdoor lighting system is professional design and installation. The team at Lumberjack Electric understands how to take your landscape lighting to the next level. Call 612-236-9052 to schedule an appointment today with our electrical and wiring experts and begin enjoying your outdoor living space at night as well as in the daylight hours.

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