New Wiring and Re-wiring in Minneapolis, MN

The wiring in your house or commercial building may be the most important part of the overall construction. While the structure may be sound and the interior lovely, without a safe, efficient wiring system, the livability and functionality of your space may be compromised, at best- and dangerous, at worst! At Lumberjack Electric, the premier electrician company in the Twin Cities, we have the experience and knowledge to help our customers with all types of wiring projects.

While upgrading your electrical panel or switching to energy-efficient appliances and lighting are fantastic ways to increase your home’s efficiency, however, without the right kind of wiring in your house, these upgrades are not able to work to their optimum strength. In fact, upgrading too much for older homes, with older wiring, may actually be a safety concern! However, when you choose electrician services from Lumberjack Electric, you know that you’re getting the best quality wiring supplies, installed by trained, certified professionals knowledgeable about building and electrical codes.

Do I Need to Re-wire My Home?

Many homeowners in Minneapolis, MN, don’t think much about the wiring system in their house until it becomes damaged or an emergency. We get it! As a homeowner, it’s hard to keep up with all the repairs and maintenance around the house. However, the wiring in your home is something that you absolutely can’t neglect and something that needs to be regularly inspected. Although the wiring in your home is usually built to last many years, it’s important to have a professional electrician check your house regularly to ensure that small problems are caught early enough to fix, without endangering anyone in the residence. Plus, regular inspections can help determine when it’s time for re-wiring in the home, which can extend the lifespan of the house, increase safety, and make it much more energy-efficient.

How often you need to require your home depends on the type of wiring you have. Copper wiring, installed and maintained by a professional electrician, can last up to 100 years, as long as you aren’t overloading the circuits. Plus, copper wiring has a protective covering to protect it from damage. However, this coverage doesn’t last as long as the wiring and will need to be replaced every 50 years. Although this seems like a long time, improper insulation or damage from pests can drastically reduce the longevity of the thermal protection covering.

Signs You Need New Wiring in Your Home

Even if you have regularly scheduled wiring inspections as part of your regular home maintenance, there are other indications that you need an electrician to examine and repair your re-wiring – fast – before it becomes hazardous. At Lumberjack Electric, we have the professional experience and certifications to diagnose many issues and fix many home wiring problems.

Some indications that you need an electrician to re-wire your home are:

  • Circuit breakers are often tripping or tripping more than they should
  • You’re using extension cords to power appliances or electronics. An electrician can add extra, grounded outlets as part of the re-wiring process
  • Your house has aluminum or cloth wiring, both of which are very dangerous
  • The lighting in your house flicker or grow dim when you turn the power on certain electronics or appliances
  • There isn’t a grounding system in our home. This, plus a lack of surge protection, poses risks for fires and damage to your appliances and electronics

Your Minneapolis, MN, Professional Electrician

Lumberjack Electric is a locally owned and operated electrician company in the Twin Cities, a team of certified, licensed, and bonded electricians who can handle re-wiring in any home or business size. We work as subcontractors to complete wiring in new houses or commercial buildings or to repair or re-wire electrical systems in existing structures.

Re-wiring a home requires the specialty services of a well-trained electrician. This isn’t something to DIY – in fact, it can be very dangerous! When you choose Lumberjack Electric, you know that you’re getting the benefit of certified professionals who complete ongoing professional training for the highest quality workmanship. While re-wiring your home may be complex, you know that with Lumberjack Electric, you’ll get fair pricing with an easy-to-understand custom quote, plus a team of licensed, bonded electricians that treat your home or office as if it were our own. Don’t wait until you have an electrical emergency – give us a call today to schedule your service!

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