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Power surges can be the kiss of death for appliances and electrical equipment, and a power surge at the wrong time can damage thousands of dollars of your favorite toys and computer equipment. It may even cause extensive damage to the wiring of your home, especially houses with older wiring or that have multiple appliances in outlets. Or, worse, commercial businesses may have their entire communications systems damaged during a surge, wiping out data, losing valuable customer information, or, for those in the medical field, affecting patients’ health and safety. It’s no wonder that one of the most common electrician services from Lumberjack Electric is to install reliable surge protection for our residential and commercial customers.

It’s important to have the right lightning surge protection equipment to protect all the devices, computers, electronics, and electric appliances in your home or business. There are many causes for electrical surges. While lightning strikes may be the most well-known, there may be the sources, both internal and external, that can cause fires, electrocutions, and other kinds of harm to the building the people and pets within. A surge lasting just a second can cause thousands of dollars – or more – in damage.

The effects of surges are many, including:

  • Damage to electrical components or degradation of the wiring and connections
  • Destruction of computers, servers, and internet connectivity
  • Ruined circuit boards and their components
  • Disruption to regular business operations
  • Damage to uninsured possessions in the home, including computers, phones, TVs, and gaming systems

These issues can lead to costly downtime, which can dramatically affect your business, customer experience, and everyone’s safety in the building.

Comprehensive Surge Protection from Certified Electricians

At Lumberjack Electric, we have custom surge protection, installed by a certified electrician, for everything from a single-family home to multi-facility apartments, commercial buildings, and even to protect your generators in case of outages.

How Do Electrical Surges Happen?

A surge is a short-term, high-voltage impulse. You may also have heard of it referred to as a “spike” or “glitch” – these are all a fast impulse of electric current that lasts less than a second.

However, there are also “high energy inrushes,” which create a surge that goes throughout the entire circuit and damages any electronic equipment that’s attached to it. Equipment that is especially sensitive to surges stands a higher chance of being damaged. It’s not just the equipment that can be damaged – it can also cause a threat to human life if the equipment in question is used for medical support or life support. An electrical surge can be extremely dangerous.

Do I Need Surge Protection?

The short answer? Yes! If you use electronics, you need some surge protection, especially if you have older wiring. Lightning or electromagnetic pulses can damage your electronic devices’ components, including motherboards, connections, and fuses. Plus, anything connected to the system that receives the pulse, from computer networks to data systems, phone networks, and servers, can also be damaged by the surge. Even people working from home can have their home office set-up affected by surges and need help from an electrician.

Aside from the physical damage to the equipment, the downtime waiting for replacements for the electronics and fixing the network is another reason that people should use surge protection. It’s increasingly in high demand as more and more companies incorporate remote workers and home offices into their operations. That, plus the inconvenience and expense of replacing the items, resurrecting the data, and dealing with insurance companies is why surge protection, installed by a professional electrician, is so valuable to commercial businesses.

Lumberjack Electric provides reliable surge protection in accordance with the rigorous testing and standards of proper codes. We also test your surge protection systems to ensure that they maintain their integrity. We use surge protection equipment that works with all kinds of electronic components to ensure that surges are detected as they happen, mitigating the damage to the equipment. Surge protection works by rerouting the energy spike to the earth, where it’s safely grounded. Then, it simply dissipates without damaging property or hurting people.

Lumberjack Electric’s surge protection services include:

  • Versatile options to suit any type of electrical set-up
  • Professional knowledge and expert service from qualified electricians
  • Customer-focused service
  • Technical knowledge to help your IT department monitor the set-up
  • High-quality products that have been tested for quality assurance

Residential and Commercial Surge Protection from the Best Electrician in Minneapolis

The team at Lumberjack Electric has an array of surge protection solutions for your home office,  office building, school, and anything in between. We create custom packages that address your home or business’s needs, taking into account the building’s wiring and electrical infrastructure and the age of the system. Then, we send a qualified, licensed team of certified electricians to install the surge protection on your schedule, with minimum disruption to your daily routine.

Some of the benefits our customers receive from surge protection include:

  • Reduce long periods of downtime while replacements and repairs are made due to energy surge damage
  • Extend the lifespan of the expensive computer and electronic equipment to protect your investment
  • Prevent data loss or potential loss of valuable proprietary information
  • Prevent damage to circuitry and networks
  • Reduce the risk of sparks during the usage, which can cause fires or electrocutions

Current technology relies on microelectronic components to transfer data at light speed. Therefore, electric surges are much more damaging now than in the past. Networks in the home, in the office, and between offices are all networked and rely on the integrity of each other to operate correctly. If one part of the system is down, then the entire system grinds to a halt. Therefore, surge protection is essential to modern business.

Schedule Surge Protection from a Certified Electrician Today!

The team at Lumberjack Electric has the professional expertise and certification to help you select the right surge protection for your home, office, or larger commercial facility. With years of experience working in the Minneapolis area, we’re the most trusted electrician company around. Give us a call today to talk to one of our specialists!

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