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Enhance Your Outdoor Living with Lovely Outdoor Lighting Products!

What’s the best way to improve the safety and overall appearance of your outdoor spaces? If you guessed “Outdoor lighting installed by a professional electrician,” you’re correct! Outdoor lighting isn’t just a floodlight or illumination of a walkway – it can be used in many different ways, to enhance the look of your landscaping and outdoor vignettes, to improve safety along a sidewalk or footpath on your business’s courtyard, or to reduce the threat of intruders. Custom outdoor lighting can cover many different needs, from permanent installations to specialty holiday lighting.

Outdoor lighting can give you plenty of flexibility for your outdoor space, allowing you to entertain guests outside as the sun sets or adding value to your home. Plus, many businesses can improve visitors’ safety with plenty of outdoor lighting, along walkways or in parking lots. Outdoor lighting means that the possibilities are endless, and many different projects may be more affordable to install than you think!

At Lumberjack Electric, we have the expertise to install many types of outdoor lighting.  From small decorative LED lights to illuminate the walkway to your front door to recessed lighting installed in your outdoor kitchen or fire pit area and even specialized lighting to focus on the trees or landscape features in your lawn. Our comprehensive array of products and services, all installed by a professional electrician, include:

  • Outdoor post lights
  • Deck and pool lights
  • Sensor lighting
  • Path lights
  • Feature lighting
  • Exterior wall lighting
  • Pond lights
  • Driveway lighting
  • Sensor floodlights
  • Lighting for steps or terraces
  • High bay lights
  • Ceiling panel grid lighting
  • Emergency and safety solutions

We have the training and certification that you need to have each job done right. We also offer a free, custom appraisal, giving you options to enhance the beauty and safety of your outdoor space, fitting into any budget!

Outdoor Lighting for a Designer Yard

Your yard is the first thing that people notice when they arrive at your Minneapolis, MN home, and lovely outdoor lighting can add to your curb appeal and your ability to enjoy your outside space. Working with a talented electrician, like one from the team at Lumberjack Electric, can help you add value to your house and give you options for entertaining or allow kids to play long after sunset.

Whether you’re seeking lighting solutions for your patio, deck, or pool area, or you’re one of our commercial customers seeking to enhance the safety and evening aesthetic of your property, we can help. We’ll help you illuminate focal points, add a glow to outdoor walkways, and make water features a thing of beauty. Plus, with low-energy LED lighting installed by a trained electrician, you’ll be amazed at how much lighting you can get for a small monthly cost!

Gardens and Flowerbeds, All on Display

You’ve worked hard to place the prettiest touches on your Minneapolis, MN, landscape through cultivated flowerbeds and gardens – now show it off with custom outdoor lighting from the best electrician team in the area. From small home backyard lighting solutions to coordinated lighting for our commercial customers, we can make your garden area and plants shine even when the sun goes down. Plus, with low-level lighting, set on a time, you don’t have to worry about the disruptive brightness of a floodlight every time you, your pets, or visitors want to go outdoors at night.

Purposeful Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Outdoor lighting isn’t just practical, as an option for added safety when walking or to ward away danger. It’s also a beautiful way to organically enhance and dramatize the unique features of each outdoor space. A master electrician and designer, like the team at Lumberjack Electric in Minneapolis, MN, can help you achieve the new results. Not only is custom outdoor lighting aesthetically pleasing, but it can also add value to any commercial or residential property – even if you aren’t planning to sell! Plus, you may even be able to get better rates for your insurance with outdoor safety lighting!

Walking paths, parking areas, and outdoor living spaces aren’t the only places that can benefit from lovely outdoor lighting. Suppose you have a pool, pond, hot tub, or other outdoor water feature. In that case, outdoor lighting can also enhance their beauty, casting light upon the water’s surface or adding “up-lighting” effects for a mesmerizing, shimmering appearance.

Designer and Terrace Lighting

Lumberjack Electric offers custom outdoor lighting solutions for both commercial building and residential homes, including multi-family complexes. We can help you create an immersive outdoor retreat or simply elevate your outdoor safety lighting look. The Lumberjack Electric design team recommends a mix of different lighting types to create eye-catching vignettes and add interest, always with safety and functionality in mind. From durable, practical emergency ad safety lighting to delicate lamps and ornamental lighting for a magical look, we install it! For outdoor living spaces, specialty hanging lights, or even outside ceiling fans can add warmth and coziness to the “room.”

Terraced spaces benefit from outdoor lighting as a dual function. First, it enhances the landscaping, drawing attention to the detailed terraces and workmanship. Secondly, terrace lighting increases the safety for those walking through the outdoor space, warning of drop-offs, and steps, which makes guests safer in the outside area while keeping the beauty of the space.

Add New Life to Your Property

Outside lighting can give your home or business a “facelift” without changing the overall structure. A certified electrician can help you find the right look for your space, matching the area’s overall design aesthetic and keeping the architectural theme. Lumberjack Electric has a wide variety of products to help you illuminate your Minneapolis, MN, space, and a talented team of electricians that can safely and efficiently install the outside lighting. We focus on safety and quality, just for you. Give our team a call to learn more!

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