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To most people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. However, to a professional electrician, the main electrical panel is the heart of the house! At Lumberjack Electric, we think of your home’s electrical system like the cardiologist thinks of your heart and blood vessels – while the wring is critical for running the home, without a properly working main electrical panel, the rest of the system doesn’t function as efficiently.

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Circuit breakers that keep tripping, lights that flicker, or slow-running electronics or appliances are all signs that you may have a problem with your main electrical panel. While a professional electrician can tell you for sure, those are key indicators that there’s something wrong, and you need it fixed, fast!

Lumberjack Electric offers comprehensive, professional service for residential and commercial customers, diagnosing issues with your electrical panel and making budget-friendly recommendations to fix or replace it. We’re locally owned and operated in the Twin Cities, and our team undergoes consistent, ongoing training to keep our skills sharp and understand changes and advances in the industry.

We start troubleshooting your electrical issues with a thorough examination of your main electrical panel, looking for potential problems and worn parts. Because this piece of equipment is responsible for carrying electricity to every aspect of your home or office, each tiny detail must be clean and in good working order.

However, your main electric panel will eventually wear out even with the best care and preventative maintenance. That’s when you need a professional electrician to install a new one, one that’s compatible with your regular usage and one that can withstand power surges and upgrades to the municipal electric grid. Plus, upgrading or replacing the main electric panel can make a big difference in your electrical system’s efficiency, leading to a more comfortable experience at home or greater productivity at work. You may even see savings on your electric bill!

Do You Need a Main Electric Panel Replacement?

While only a professional electrician can tell you for sure whether you need to fix your main electrical panel or replace it entirely, there are a few signs that your building will give you indicating that you need service:

  • Your circuit breakers are constantly tripping
  • Lights flicker, or you have “brownouts,” especially when you turn on certain appliances or electronics
  • You plan to make renovations to your home or commercial space, especially if you’re planning to install new data infrastructure in a commercial space
  • You plan to add a major appliance or HVAC system to your home

Lumberjack Electric of Minneapolis, MN, is the most reputable professional electrician service in the Twin Cities. We can recommend the right make and model of an electric panel for your needs. We also provide complete installation of the main electric panel and its components. However, if you’re experiencing sparking, flickering lights, or have a power outage, you may not have time to install a whole new panel. Instead, you may need services from an emergency electrician from the professionals at Lumberjack Electric. We’re available for emergencies, and we’re quick to diagnose and get you safely back online.

Electrical Panel Upgrades and Replacement

Periodically, you’ll need to upgrade the main electric panel in your house or office building. If you can’t remember when the last time you replaced the panel, or if you have an older home, it may be time for a professional electrician to come out to assess your building. Older electric panels may not be able to handle the increases in electricity use of modern life, both homes and businesses, nor be able to handle the demands of current electronics and data systems. The best time to replace your main panel is before it becomes a problem.

When you book an assessment, you’ll have a certified, professional electrician look at the entire workings of the main panel and then evaluate your usage versus the panel’s capability. Then, you’ll receive a clear, fair quote based on our findings. We offer fair market pricing for parts and labor and can work within your budget and on your schedule. For those that have high-amperage amenities, like central air conditioning, heated pools, hot tubs, or a heavy communications cabling system, there are special considerations, which require professional assessment. Therefore, our recommendations take everything into account, including emergency shut-offs and surge protection. Our goal is to ensure that your home or business runs smoothly.

Why Should I Upgrade My Main Electric Panel?

While many home and business owners in Minneapolis, MN, may realize that they need panel service when it’s an emergency, there are other signs that you need a replacement. Over time, electric components may become corroded or simply wear out.

It’s important for homeowners to visually inspect their main electric panel every six months or so, especially right after a power outage or major storm, if there’s damage from that. Other indications that your electrical system has problems may include:

  • Overheating the main panel
  • Sparks from outlets or appliances
  • Shocks when plugging or unplugging devices
  • Flickering lights or brownouts
  • Breakers tripping more than usual
  • Melted wires
  • Blown fuses

Even without these signs, a professional electrician can tell you whether you’ll need an upgrade to your panel. Plus, as a general rule of thumb, when you have a major renovation, especially a new kitchen, or if you’re building an addition to your home or finishing a basement or attic, you may need an upgrade to the panel (and possibly re-wiring) to handle the additional use. Without an upgrade, you may damage new, modern appliances or an upgraded HVAC unit, as current technology may draw more power than an older panel is capable of safely providing.

At Lumberjack Electric, we’re capable of replacing or fixing any type of residential or commercial main electric panel. We have a team of licensed, certified, and bonded electricians ready to work safely on your home or business. Give us a call to learn more!

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