When most people think of a licensed electrician, they think of lighting installation and repairs – and that’s where Lumberjack Electric shines! Are you experiencing brownouts n your home or office? Do lights flicker when you turn on appliances or electronics? Maybe you’re replacing light bulbs way more often than you should – even the longer-lasting, energy-efficient ones? Perhaps you see sparks when you turn on certain light fixtures. If any of these things are happening, then you may need lighting services from a certified electrician. Lighting doesn’t last forever, and at Lumberjack Electric, we know that the harsh winter storms of Minneapolis, MN, can wreak havoc on the lighting in your home or office. We can solve your lighting problems and enhance your home’s enjoyability and increase the safety of everyone inside!

Whether it’s a simple fix or a whole-home upgrade to your lighting, Lumberjack Electric is the solution!

Indoors and Out – Your Minneapolis, MN Lighting Solution!

Lights play an integral role in every part of your life; from the moment you wake up to strolling up to your walkway on a well-lit path to having relaxing mood lighting for a romantic dinner or just reading before bed. For business owners, the right kind of lighting can make a difference in your customer’s experience. Harsh overhead lighting can hurt the eyes and make shoppers leave a retail store quickly, while this kind of bright lighting is best for a medical setting.

Whatever lighting solution you need, Lumberjack Electric of Minneapolis, MN, can deliver! We have custom solutions delivered for your needs, with a professional design team and a team of electricians with the training and expertise to install the perfect lighting, from a lamp to a warehouse, to improve your business’s overall ambiance. Plus, the right lighting in the exterior can attract customers and make them feel safe and welcome. Whatever you need for lighting solutions, Lumberjack Electric is your answer, from the interior to a lovely exterior landscape lighting plan!

Lumberjack Electric Has a Variety of Lighting Services

No matter the size or scope of your project, a talented electrician can make sure that it’s installed right the first time, flowing all safety and building code regulations. Here are some of our more common Minneapolis, MN, lighting services:

  • Indoor lighting is the most common reason that people book electrician services. We can help install a new ceiling fan or put in recessed lighting to give a home theater or living room a better ambiance. We can also help you retrofit your house with the newest technology in LED lighting to save energy and “go green!” Smart technology is a popular choice for many of our Minneapolis, MN, friends, and neighbors, and our electricians can handle that, too. We wire the equipment into your existing system, allowing you to monitor your electricity usage remotely. We even have custom lighting solutions to help you bring the whole design of a room together.
  • Outdoor lighting helps enhance the curb appeal of your landscaping, drawing attention to trees or flowerbeds, guiding the way down the terraced landscape, or adding underwater lights to a pool, hot tub, or pond. Many people enjoy gentle outdoor lighting for their porch or patio, allowing them to step outside without a harsh floodlight. Plus, outdoor lighting will enable you to enjoy your outdoor living spaces with friends and family long after the sun goes down. We have high-quality LED products with long life, meaning that you need less service.
  • Fluorescent lighting is common for many businesses. We can construct a lighting system that gives our commercial customers consistent light, making sure that your entire store or office is bright and welcoming. We can also install fluorescent lighting in the home for places that you’d like bright light, such as a kitchen, garage, or workspace.
  • Recessed and undercabinet lighting is subtle and gives a room a gentle glow. If you want dimmer light that doesn’t hurt the eyes in the evening, or you need to brighten a small space like a galley kitchen or bathroom, under cabinet lighting from the Lumberjack Electric team is the way to go.

Your Minneapolis, MN Lighting Solutions

Outdoor lighting can make your landscape and outdoor living spaces an inviting retreat, while indoor lighting can make the entire mod of a room change, from a bright kitchen to a soothing master bedroom for relaxation. Discover the difference that lighting solutions from Lumberjack Electric of Minneapolis, MN, can make in your house, adding value and enjoyment to the home.

For our commercial customers, long-lasting, energy-efficient lights can improve your customers’ mood. At the same time, our comprehensive outdoor and safety lighting can make them feel more at ease entering and leaving your building at night. Whatever your lighting needs, whether it’s adding more fixtures or completely re-wiring your building, we can handle it! Give us a call today for your custom quote!

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