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A qualified general electrician can improve your home or business in many ways. Choosing a certified, trained professional can help you cover a number of home repairs and upgrades – everything from adding another outlet or installing a ceiling fan to re-wiring an older home or even installing electrical infrastructure to allow more efficient data processing or faster communication speeds.

When you’re looking for a qualified general electrician in Minneapolis, MN, look no further than Lumberjack Electric. We’re a locally owned and operated company, and we take care of our friends and neighbors just like you!

Quality Electricians in Minneapolis, MN

From small repairs to large-scale installation projects, there’s no compromise when it comes to your electrical system. Count on a team of licensed, certified electricians that value safety first – Lumberjack Electric. Finding a trusted electrician doesn’t have to be difficult, but there are a few critical things to look for, and at Lumberjack Electric, we cover them all. Our company values safety and understands the importance of improving your family, customers, and employees’ comfort.

We’re a locally owned and operated company providing specialist electrical services throughout the Twin Cities for many years. We focus on training and safety and are continually renewing our certifications to keep up with industry advances. Our general electrician team is fully licensed and bonded and equipped to handle everything from commercial installations to subcontracting for a new home to a simple repair. No matter how big or small the job, we’re ready to handle it – on time and on budget.

Repairs from a General Electrician

Our general electricians can handle any number of repairs and have a comprehensive knowledge of commercial and residential buildings. Whether our customers are dealing with a dead outlet in the wall to a breaker box that keeps tripping, we can quickly discern the problem and create a budget-friendly solution. We have the training to complete re-wiring in many different types of buildings and correctly assess the right infrastructure to ensure that power flows smoothly and safely.

Lumberjack Electric keeps up to date with changes in the industry, including new services that a general electrician can offer, plus changes to the local building codes. We deliver fast response times for regular appointments and emergencies, arriving at your doorstep ready to work. We offer many services, including:

  • Upgrading commercial wiring systems
  • Replacing faulty wiring
  • Adding additional outlets to accommodate more electronics usage
  • Light fixture repair or installation
  • Circuit breaker and fuse repair
  • Electronic garage door repair
  • Outdoor outlet repair and installation
  • Generator repair
  • Fixing underground wiring
  • Installing landscape lighting for commercial and residential customers

Even if you don’t see your particular project listed, don’t worry! Our general electricians can complete just about anything you can dream of, making your home a comfortable, lovely showpiece and your business a pleasure for both employees and customers.

Upgrade and Replace Outdated Electrical Systems

Perhaps the most common service from a general electrician is to upgrade or repair outdated electrical systems. In Minneapolis, MN, we see many older homes that just can’t keep up with the demands that modern life has on the wiring system. This can lead to brownouts, sparks from the outlets, power surges, and sometimes cases where a dangerous emergency can happen.

A qualified general electrician works with the existing wiring system in your home or office building, checking for worn areas, faulty wiring, or places where an upgrade can increase connectivity and allow users to have more appliances and electronics safely. Only trust a certified, professional general electrician when it comes to upgrades on your property’s wiring. Often, the re-wiring process can be more complicated than a basic installation, requiring someone with knowledge and experience.

We install wiring for new security systems, landscape lighting, Wi-Fi and internet connections, and just about anything you need. Here are some of the most common services from the general electricians at Lumberjack Electric:

  • Ceiling fans
  • Landscape lighting for homes or businesses, including commercial properties
  • Light fixtures
  • Stand by generators
  • Outlet wiring, including rerouting and placement of additional outlets
  • Wiring for new appliances
  • Circuit wiring for residential or commercial customers
  • Service upgrades
  • Installation of electrical panels

Safety Services from Your Minneapolis, MN, General Electrician

At Lumberjack Electric, we’ve provided quality safety solutions for commercial and residential customers for many years. We carefully follow the directives of local building codes and OSHA requirements for our team’s safety. We value everyone’s safety in your building and ensure that every project we complete will pass inspection. We can even conduct our own inspection before you buy a property, or if you’re invested in upgrades and give you a professional estimate of what needs to be done.

Our general electrician safety services include:

  • Noting and correcting code violations
  • Completing residential and commercial electrical inspections
  • Installing or upgrading smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, including radon detectors
  • Installing surge protectors
  • Upgrading or installing arc-fault breakers
  • Installing and repairing GFCI outlets

The general electricians from Lumberjack Electric work with you to ensure that every job is correctly completed for the building and that we find every possible way to preserve the safety of everyone inside. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and our professional services are completed on time, without cutting corners. We proudly stand behind every job we do in Minneapolis, MN!

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Enjoy a greater quality of life in your home with general electrician services from a qualified professional. We can help with landscape lighting, outlet upgrades, including placing USB ports or adding additional grounded outlets to accommodate additional appliances and electronics in older homes. We can help your business run more efficiently with upgrades to your building’s wiring system. Whether you need a new installation service, a subcontractor, or an emergency, the general electrician team at Lumberjack Electric is the best in town!

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