Electrical Subpanels

The main electrical panel is the heart of the home’s electrical system, but the electric subpanel is another intrinsic piece of the system for many larger buildings. When you hire an electrical contractor to work on the main electrical panel, they’ll probably also check the electrical subpanel – and here’s what home and business owners in Minneapolis, MN, need to understand about this piece of equipment!

Professional Electrical Subpanel Installation and Replacement

Although the main electrical panel is responsible for sending the right power to the right places in a house or commercial building, some homes may have a dedicated electrical subpanel to power a specific part of the house or to maintain consistent power to a certain part of the home. For commercial buildings, there may be one or more electrical subpanels responsible for bringing power to certain areas of the building or maintaining extra power to areas where more is needed.

You may hire an electrical subcontractor for residential customers when you’re building an addition into your home or finishing an attic or basement to provide extra power to space. This ensures that the appliances and electronics you place in the new space have enough power to operate efficiently. However, installing a secondary electrical panel isn’t a DIY project – you’ll need a professional electrical contractor to install it into your building.

Lumberjack Electric of Minneapolis, MN, has the experience you need for one or multiple electrical subpanels. We’re a team of licensed, bonded professional electrical contractors experienced in replacing, repairing, and installing new electrical subpanels for both commercial and residential customers.

Do I Need a New Electrical Subpanel?

While only an electrical contractor can tell you for sure, there are a few indicators that you may need a professional electrical contractor to put in a new subpanel. There are a couple of main reasons that you need to have a panel installed.

First, the building’s existing infrastructure is damaged, or the wires or the panel have been damaged. Secondly, you’re planning a major expansion or renovation and your current panel isn’t able to handle the electrical needs of the additional spaces. Or, if you don’t have enough power coming from the utility, you may need a replacement subpanel.

Your professional electrical contractor from Lumberjack Electric of Minneapolis, MN, can assess your needs and determine the kind of electronic panel you need. There are also early warning sounds that your electric panels may be overloaded or need a repair. Things such as:

  • Your current electrical panel is outdated
  • Frequent breaker tripping when certain appliances or electronics are turned on
  • The wires or breakers around the panel are damaged, worn, or otherwise disorganized
  • The panel is hot to the touch, burnt, or has melted spots (this can be an emergency and needs immediate attention!)
  • You have an older home or commercial building, and the panel hasn’t been upgraded
  • There are no more slots on the existing electric panel for additional circuits

The Best Electrical Subpanels from the Best Electrical Contractor

Expanding your property by building another addition, such as an outbuilding like a shed or garage, or finishing a basement, attic, or installing a mother-in-law suite may require another electrical panel to ensure that power runs smoothly and that the circuits aren’t overburdened. It also helps protect the appliances and electronics from surges and power flickers. At Lumberjack Electric, you can trust that you’ll receive service from certified electrical contractors, licensed, bonded, and fully trained. We treat your home as if it were our own, and we offer satisfaction and peace of mind, guaranteed.

We’re a locally owned and operated electrical contractor company in Minneapolis, MN, and the first choice for home and business owners alike. Our reputation is built on our commitment to customer satisfaction, starting without knowledge and attention to detail, through the fact that we embrace safety for every project. When you book with Lumberjack Electric, you know you’re getting:

  • Transparent, competitive quotes with no hidden fees
  • The highest quality products from professionally trained electricians
  • Fast, often same-day service and careful planning of each phase of your project for minimal interruption of your home life or business
  • Warranties on our work, making every repair stress-free

Scorched panels, faulty wiring, or flickering lights don’t have to be your standard. Call Lumberjack Electric of Minneapolis, MN, to discuss your options.

Advantages of an Electric Subpanel

There are many advantages of having a licensed electrical contractor install your electric subpanel, the first of which is to power the different electric appliances in your home. Older electric panels may not have enough slots for new circuits, overloading existing outlets and circuits. Suppose you have added on to your home or are finishing extra spaces into living areas. In that case, you’ll have outlets, appliances, and electronics in them, and therefore will need an electrical subcontractor to install a subpanel. This is often a cheaper and easier option than having the entire main electrical panel replaced or upgraded.

An unfinished basement can be a great man cave, or your attic may be the perfect space to add a new bedroom for a new member of the family. You may also add a shed to your property or want the garage to be a better work area. Whatever your extra power needs, and electric sub-panel may be just the solution. However, only a professional electrical contractor is equipped to install or upgrade your panel; otherwise, you may have problems in the future with a poorly installed sub-panel.

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