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Unfortunately, many homeowners in the Rochester and Stillwater communities prescribe to the adage that if some isn’t broken, then don’t worry about fixing it. But applying that misguided logic to your home’s wiring can become very dangerous. After many years, that wiring can start to wear out or simply become obsolete. Just a few decades ago, homes were only wired with 60 amp service. But today’s houses are filled with massive electric appliances and electronics that can demand up to 200 amps for residential service. Homeowners need to understand that continuing to overload those old wires is taking a massive risk with the safety of their loved ones and home. So if your wiring is older than the Terminator, it is time to call 612-236-9052 and request a rewiring price quote from the pros at Lumberjack Electric.

Three Times To Consider Rewiring Your Home

There are a few projects that you might take on around your home that should also trigger a conversation about rewiring. Any time you are beginning a significant remodel, renovation, or addition to your home, think about adding rewiring to the scope of work. Many homeowners shy away from home rewiring because they imagine the entire house in a state of chaos to assess all the wiring and replace it. But what better time to take on such an important project?

During most remodels and reno projects, you are tearing out walls, floors, and ceilings. So why not take the time to upgrade the electrical wiring in your home for added safety? Chances are good that you will need to beef up the electrical service to accommodate added HVAC, new appliances, and the added outlets to serve the new areas in your home. So make it a package deal while adding to the safety and value of your home with new wiring throughout.

Warning Signs Its Time To Rewire

Regardless of the age of your home and the number of electrical devices and appliances you own, the deciding factor could be the messages coming from your home. There are many indications that your home’s wiring is no longer providing safe and reliable service. Some of the most common signs of outdated or wiring include:

  • Flickering lights
  • Lights that dim when a major appliance is running
  • Your electrical panel has fuses, not breakers
  • You have breakers in your electrical panel, but the trip repeatedly
  • All of your outlets have two prongs instead of three
  • You have no GFCI outlets in your home
  • You hear popping, humming, crackling, or buzzing coming from outlets or your home’s walls
  • You see sparks coming from an outlet when you pull a plug
  • There are scorch marks or melted covers on outlets
  • You need to use extension cords in every room because there are too few outlets

If you have noticed any of these issues in your home, call 612-236-9052 to schedule an electrical inspection with the licensed experts at Lumberjack Electric. Our pros will evaluate your home’s electrical system and provide you with a price quote to rewire your home and eliminate the electrical hazards.

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