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Home Lighting

Updating your Minneapolis area home’s lighting is as important as any other design upgrade in the house. In fact, updating the lighting can actually improve the function of many spaces, add to the visual appeal, and increase the value and safety of your property. The lighting experts at Lumberjack Electric are ready to visit your home and help you decide which lighting upgrades will help add impact and function to your home as well as increasing your enjoyment of each living space.

Indoor Lighting Techniques

Each space in your home has its purpose, function, and even personality. But the way you are using the areas right now might not be the same as in the past. When your home evolves to meet your current needs, it is essential that the lighting is also upgraded or adapted to meet those new and exciting expectations for the spaces. Some of the most popular types of lighting that Lumberjack Electric is installing now includes:

  • Under Cabinet Lighting – Nothing is more important than clear, crisp light in all your workspaces. Installing under cabinet lighting in your kitchen will take your prep areas to a new level of functionality. Placing lighting under the cabinetry in your craft room or laundry space will also add to the function and reduce the stress on your eyes. And the only thing better than a bill-paying nook is one with built-in under cabinet lighting to provide the subtle light you need.
  • Accent Lighting – When you need just a tiny amount of light for ease and safety crossing a room or backlighting artwork, accent lighting will make a statement without overpowering the space. Let our experts demonstrate how much impact can be created with just a few LED accent lights.
  • Recessed Lighting – When you don’t want or have the space for an ornate fixture, let recessed lighting provide the light without the distraction of a visible fixture. These lights mount flush with a wall, ceiling, or floor to provide a focal point of light or gently wash the entire space.

Outdoor Security Lighting

For added peace of mind and safety, outdoor security lighting cannot be beaten. The Lumberjack Electric experts will help you decide where you would like motion-activated lighting, security lights on timers, and even spotlights that you control from inside your home. You will never need to worry about unwanted visitors to your home once you have outdoor security lighting installed.

Smart Home Lighting

From added safety and security to convenience, smart home lighting covers all the bases. Having voice-activated or even remotely operated lighting makes it easy to navigate through your Bloomington home with your hands full or even turn on lights when you are away to add safety when you return home. It has never been easier to make sure the porch light is on when guests arrive or turn off that light you forgot in the kitchen from the comfort of your warm bed. Call 612-236-9052 to schedule an appointment with the home lighting specialists at Lumberjack Electric.

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