Living in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region, homeowners know that having dependable electrical service is vital for almost every necessity and modern convenience in their homes. From the electric furnace or heat pump to the blower that moves the warmed air from your gas furnace, they all rely on your electrical service. Then there are the other essentials like cooking appliances, the refrigerator and freeze that keep your food safe, and the tech that helps you manage every aspect of the house, from climate control to lighting, entertainment, and security systems. So, seeing how critical electricity is to your home, there is only one question to answer. Why do you not have a generator to provide power when the grid fails?

Your Two Options For Backup Power

As you begin to explore generators for your home or commercial property, you will learn that there are two primary choices, a portable generator, and a backup generator. As you have undoubtedly guessed, the portable generator is a temporary option you must set up and run using gasoline or propane when your home’s power has failed. These smaller units can typically run a few items like the fridge and freezer to keep your food safe. The downside to this power supply is that you need to be at home to start the generator and plug in the items you want to power from the generator.

A standby generator is an ideal solution for those who want to remove the potential for human error and other foreseeable issues. These generators are often large enough to power the entire house during a power outage. But what makes them even more valuable is that they are an automated backup system activated when the grid power fails. Within less than a minute of a power failure, your backup generator will automatically have been activated, and the switch will port your home’s electrical system to the backup power supply from the generator. You don’t need to be home to make this transition.

The Added Security And Peace Of Mind Of A Standby Generator

The only thing worse than being stuck at home with no power is knowing that your loved ones are at home with no electricity and you are too far away to help them set up and start a generator. Or even worse, you have not secured a generator to power even a few essentials for your loved ones, and they are at home, cold, and without the ability to cook or keep food safe.

But you can forget all that guilt and worry by calling Lumberjack Electric at 612-236-9052. There is no one better than the pros who help you maintain your home’s electrical system to guide you in selecting the ideal generator and installing it in your home. A licensed electrician from Lumberjack will evaluate your needs and budget to ensure that you get the best unit to help protect your home and family when the grid power fails. And as with all of the Lumberjack Electric services, your new generator installation will be backed by our complete warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee.

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