A short power outage in your Bloomington or Rochester home is often little more than an inconvenience. But when bad weather settles in for the winter, some storms can have power lines down for days. And that is when a power outage in your community becomes life-threatening. You need to have a reliable source of power to heat your home, cook, and keep your food at a safe temperature. A generator installation is the only way to ensure that no matter when your home loses power from the grid, you will have a backup power source that you can count on. Call 612-236-9052 to speak to the generator installation experts at Lumberjack Electric to have a new generator and peace of mind before the next storm arrives.

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Power And Peace Of Mind Made Simple

Many years ago, owning a backup generator was a nice idea, but it came with a lot of added work. Fortunately, the many models offered by Generac, Cummins, and Kohler and installed by Lumberjack Electric eliminate those time-consuming tasks. New generators don’t require homeowners to fire them up to provide the “exercise” needed for maintenance. Instead, these cutting-edge units are programmed to turn on, run for a specific period, and shut off after ensuring that everything is in perfect condition.

The Benefits Of A New Whole Home Generator

Of course, the ultimate benefit is that you will have the power you need for your household and life to continue, even when the grid is down. However, there are other significant benefits to these whole-house models that include:

  • Quieter high-quality motors
  • Reduced noise due to lower RPMs
  • Liquid-cooled engines on larger models
  • Less regular maintenance
  • Load management options to accommodate air conditioning
  • Capability to back-up the entire house
  • Choice of fuel
  • Increase energy efficiency

3 Steps To Selecting Your New Generator

  1. Choose the fuel source that best meets your needs. You have the option of selecting natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel. This is an important choice in areas where your resources and storage options are limited.
  2. Select the right size generator for your home and electrical needs. The pros at Lumberjack Electric are always happy to answer any questions that you might have or make suggestions as you are sizing your new generator. GeneracCummings, and Kohler all offer support on their websites for sizing, including features that allow you to input information about your home, location, and electrical needs to determine the perfect unit to meet your needs.
  3. Select your transfer switch to ensure a seamless transition. Many homeowners are not aware that a transfer switch is used to determine when the generator needs to step in to supply power to your home. This switch senses the lack of power at your electrical panel and activates the generator to restore power to your home. At the same time, it disconnects the electrical supply line to prevent damage.

If you are unwilling to endure another power outage, call 612-236-9052 to speak to the generator installation experts at Lumberjack Electric.

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