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Living in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, residents know that reliable power is essential to life in this area during the brutal cold of the winter. Even beyond the necessity for heating, electricity is vital for keeping food cold and safe to eat, lighting, and the myriad of daily functions that rely on technology, computers, and the Internet. So it only makes sense to invest in a dependable and capable backup generator for your home. Because you never know when the weather or some other issue will take out your traditional electricity. The experts at Lumberjack Electric offer many options for dependable and affordable backup generators that will instantly step in to provide the electrify you need for your home to function and remain at a safe and comfortable temperature.

How A Standby Generator Provides The Power You Need, Immediately

A standby generator system constantly monitors the supply of electricity coming into your home from the grid. When the system detects a lack of power, power failure, an automatic transfer switch is activated. This process completes all of the changes and adjustments required for your home to seamlessly switch from grid power to power supplied by your generator. The transfer can occur even when you are not home. So you never need to worry about coming home to a freezing cold house or to discover that your refrigerator has been without power and your food is spoiled.

Placing Your Generator In An Ideal Location

Each generator manufacturer includes specifications for installation and location that your Lumberjack Electric licensed electrician will follow during the installation process. However, there are some general guidelines for you to understand regarding your new generator's suitable and safe location. The most crucial consideration is that all generators must be located outdoors because the combustion process creates carbon monoxide. This colorless and odorless gas displaces the oxygen in the air that you breathe. In high concentrations, the carbon monoxide becomes toxic. However, an outdoor installation is completely safe as long as the following guidelines are met:

  • The top of the generator must be at least 60 inches from a roof or overhang of your home.
  • No part of the generator should be less than 60 inches from a window, door, vent, or other openings on the house.
  • The sides and the front of the generator must have 36 inches of clearance from any obstruction for adequate air circulation.

Your experts from Lumberjack Electric will also discuss the location of the generator related to the gas supply and make considerations for the sound of the generator operation. Typically, the sound is comparable to a residential central air system.

Why Use Lumberjack Electric?

The installation of a backup generator is far beyond the skill level of the average person. However, our licensed electricians have the training and expertise to complete the job safely and within all manufacturer specifications and local building codes, including obtaining required permits and inspections.

Call 612-236-9052 to learn more about Lumberjack Electric generator installations or to schedule a consultation at your home.

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