Electric Safety

Every homeowner from Anoka to St. Paul will tell you that electricity is essential in their homes, but many are uneducated about electrical safety. Sadly, that lack of reliable information could be why the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission reports over 30,000 home electrical fires in the country each year. According to the National Fire Protection Association, damaged or faulty electrical wiring or equipment accounts for nearly 70% of residential electrical fires. Lamps, lighting fixtures, cords, and plugs are the next leading cause of these tragedies. The team at Lumberjack Electric wants everyone to understand basic electrical safety to avoid costly and potentially life-threatening hazards.

Life-Saving Tips

We have all grown up with complete electrical service to our homes. However, not everyone has been safely using the service. The following tips will help you avoid any hazards resulting in an electrical fire in your home.

  • Never Overload Outlets- Overloaded outlets lead to many issues each year. No outlet should ever feel warm to the touch or be making any crackling or popping sounds. Remember that extension cords and power strips add outlets but do not alter the amount of power to the outlet. Never plug appliances or more than one heat-producing appliance into any outlet at the same time. If you notice an outlet that feels warm, unplug everything and call 612-236-9052 immediately. A licensed electrician from Lumberjack Electric will arrive quickly to diagnose the problem.
  • Repair Or Replace Any Damaged Electrical Cord- Damaged electrical cords can result in an electrical fire or even electrocution. Check power cords and extension cords for cracks or damage to the exterior and the wire and the plug connection. At the first sign of wear, replace the cord to avoid the potential for a fire or severe injury.
  • Unplug Appliances- This is the simplest way to avoid any hazards. Unplugging appliances when they are not in use lowers your electric bill by eliminating phantom electrical drain, and it prevents them from surges or overheating. Even when devices are turned off, they can cause electrical fires and personal injuries due to faulty or worn wiring.
  • Keep Electrical Devices Away From Water- Electronics are a part of everything we do daily. So it can be easy to forget that they pose a severe hazard around water. Keep all electrical items away from moisture. Potted plants on the kitchen counter, a leaking fish aquarium, splashed water from a sink or bathtub, or even wet hands can result in a catastrophic injury.
  • Avoid Overheating- All electrical appliances require space for air circulation to remain within a safe operating temperature. Ideally, never enclose electrical appliances or electronics in cabinetry. This is especially important for your clothes dryer. It needs to remain a foot from each wall to operate safely.

If you discover any issues with your home’s electrical wiring, outlets, or electrical appliances, call 612-236-9052 immediately for help. The licensed electricians at Lumberjack Electric are here 24/7 to help keep your home and loved one safe from electrical fires and other issues.

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