How To Lower Your Electricity Bill?

Residents living in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area are very focused on protecting the environment and conserving energy and natural resources. Not only does it help save the planet for future generations, but it also makes working within the monthly household budget less stressful. At Lumberjack Electric, our team shares this same commitment to the environment and desire to save money whenever possible. Therefore, we would like to share some of our favorite energy efficiency tips with our community.

Heating And Cooling Tips

In Minnesota, we spend a large portion of our energy budget keeping our homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. To economize on that expense, be sure to use window coverings to their fullest advantage. In the summer, block out added heat by closing curtains or blinds. In the winter, open the curtains or blinds to let the warmth of the sunlight in during the day, then close them at night for added insulation.

Installing ceiling fans will also add to your comfort level year-round. The fan will help circulate cool air and increase your body’s natural evaporative cooling in the summer. In addition, a ceiling fan will force the warm air down from the ceiling to keep your living space more enjoyable in the winter.

Finally, seal any gaps or leaks around windows and doors to make the most of your heating and cooling dollars. It only takes a few minutes to add caulk to eliminate the costly leaks and make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient.

Wasteful Devices

We love our electronic devices that make life so much less challenging. But what you won’t love is the fact that these items are stealing electricity, even when they are turned off. Devices with a remote or always lit display are never really turned off unless you unplug them. They sip power and increasing your electric bill. But rather than climbing behind the entertainment center or desk, use a power strip that you can turn off. This will eliminate all the wasted energy without risking life and limb to unplug multiple cords.

Lighten The Load With LEDs

There are dozens of lights in the average home. Unfortunately, many homeowners still use outdated incandescent bulbs and fixtures. You can reduce lighting energy consumption by as much as 75% just by installing LED lights. In addition, the life expectancy of these bulbs is over 20 times longer than the old-style lights, so there is less need for replacements.

Help Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system takes care of you all year long. And all it asks is a little care and new air filters every month or two. Regular maintenance will ensure that your heater and AC are operating as energy-efficiently as possible. And a new air filter will provide good airflow into the unit and through your home. In addition, it will eliminate unnecessary wear and tear and keep your electric bills as reasonable as possible.

For more help making your home as energy efficient as possible, call the experts at Lumberjack Electric at 612-236-9052.

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