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Property owners and managers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area understand that commercial electrical systems require a great deal of care and maintenance to operate safely, energy-efficiently, and reliably. In addition, they know that most commercial electrical systems have little in common with residential systems other than that they deliver electricity. As a result, everything from the amount of electricity to the wiring, regulations governing commercial electrical service, and installation standards are more complex and unique to the commercial electrical system.

      Why Trust Lumberjack Electric

The team at Lumberjack Electric has been serving the community for years and is considered the premier electrical contractor in the region. Our reputation has been built one customer at a time, with exceptional quality workmanship, affordable pricing, and a full warranty backing all of our commercial and residential electrical work. We know that when you call 612-236-9052, you have a question, concern, or even an electrical emergency that could be threatening the safety of your commercial property. And our team of certified commercial electricians is ready to provide any services that you need, 24/7.

      What You Can Expect From The Lumberjack Electric Team

First and foremost, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to work at your commercial property. We also understand that your employees or your tenant's employees could be on the property working. Therefore, we pledge always to be professional and respectful of everyone working at the property and the property itself. We work carefully and make every effort to protect work surfaces, floors, doorways, and hallways as we enter and exit with tools and equipment.

As soon as our experts locate the issue, we will contact you or your representative to explain the problem and provide as many cost-effective solutions as possible. Only with your approval of the work and its price will we move forward with any necessary repairs. So there is never any surprise when our invoice arrives on your desk.

      Our Commercial Electrical Services

As a full-service electrical contractor, the Lumberjack Electric team is ready to take on any project at your commercial property, from an inspection or energy audit to a major renovation or repair. We also provide a complete series of maintenance and time-based services to help protect your substantial investment in your commercial electrical system and the entire property. Some of our most popular commercial electrical services include:

  • New installations of electrical wiring and cabling, components, switches, lights, and fixtures
  • Commercial electrical system maintenance
  • Electrical inspections for safety and code compliance
  • Energy Audits
  • Diagnosis and repair of wiring and electrical components
  • Planning and design for electrical additions and expansion of current systems
  • Upgrades and component replacements

When you discover an electrical issue at your commercial property or need assistance with professional service or maintenance, the only name you need to know is Lumberjack Electric. We are here to help 24/7 when you call 612-236-9052. From our highly skilled licensed electricians in the field to our exceptional office staff, we appreciate your business and confidence in our team, and we will get the job done quickly and correctly.



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