Code Compliance

Lumberjack Electric of Minneapolis, MN, is a certified, licensed, and bonded company, locally owned and operated, that takes cod compliance and safety seriously. We always suggest that a professional electrician appraise your building, make the correct, compliant recommendations, and then complete the project with an eye towards the occupants’ safety and the building’s physical security.

Code compliance isn’t just important when your electrician is completing the job. Whether your home or commercial building is compliant can make a difference with obtaining insurance, being able to sell the property, and for businesses, may even affect the licensing they can receive!

Code Compliance Audits from a Professional Electrician

Code compliance isn’t something to take lightly, and it’s not just the chances of a fine or not getting insurance or licensing. Building and electrical codes exist for a reason. That primary reason is safety! Faulty wiring or lighting or appliance installations that haven’t been properly installed can lead to fires, electrocution, or damage to the electrical components. This is why an electrician should approve and execute all projects having to do with your writing, whether it’s a home renovation or add-on, upgrade to a commercial cabling or data system, installing generators, or re-wiring an older building. Even new structures aren’t exempt, as passing code determines whether a business can open or a family can move into their new house!

Any time you buy or sell a property, you must have an electrical inspection from a licensed electrician, like the ones from Lumberjack Electric of Minneapolis, MN. Having a locally operated company like ours means that you’re getting a team that has a deep, thorough knowledge of the local codes. At Lumberjack, we take this very seriously, and everyone on our inspection team completes ongoing training to ensure that we’re up-to-date with any changes in the code!

Make Sure Your Upgrades Are Code-Compliant

At Lumberjack Electric in Minneapolis, MN, all of our certified electricians must follow and comply with the national, state, and local codes set forth by the National Electrical Code (NEC). This body determines the standards for the safest installation of electrical wiring and equipment, including updating the code as technology advances. These codes are generally updated every three years; however, Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota may opt to change or amend local statutes and codes at any time. This is why a dedicated professional electrician is the best solution for any type of wiring project.

Some of the code-compliant services that Lumberjack Electric provides for our residential and commercial customers are:

  • GCFI receptacles installation
  • New circuit breakers installation
  • Smoke detectors installation
  • Electrical sub-panel installation
  • Electrical system maintenance
  • Full electrical code inspections
  • Electrical system upgrades
  • Electrical panel replacements

Our motto is safety first, so every quote we give, every project we take on, and every piece of equipment we install is first determined to comply with electrical codes. It’s important to us that we deliver safe, secure products, and also that our customers have code-compliant buildings to protect you and your property! We work hard to ensure that everything is up to date when we complete a project, from an outlet to rec rooms, medical care offices, schools, and office buildings.

Electrical Inspections and Permitting

Any type of electrical or wiring component can cause a fire or destruction if it’s not installed by a certified electrician. Training makes a difference, and installations that aren’t up to code can significantly endanger a home or business. That’s why we urge you to use a professional electrician that can help you determine what can and can’t be done for your property. From adding extra outlets to adding generators, and from a whole-home remodel, re-wiring an old house, or even building a new one. All buildings in Minneapolis must meet the PA Uniform Construction Code requirements and meet any municipal or local codes.

While obtaining permitting and licensing for changes that you wish to make in your home or commercial space may seem like a hassle, especially if it’s something that seems like a small project, they are necessary to have the work done. If there is any damage or accidents due to the installation, insurance may not cover the repairs if you don’t have the permits or if the installation wasn’t code-compliant. Furthermore, safety is always an issue, protecting those inside and close by. If you have questions about your permitting, however, we can help! Lumberjack Electric’s team of electricians can help you determine which kinds of permits you need and how to obtain them.

Do I Need an Electrical Inspection?

First, if you’re planning to buy or sell a property, you must have your own electrical inspection completed, protecting you. Secondly, you may require an inspection if you’re planning a major renovation or upgrade to your electrical services. Your electrician can determine what kind of upgrades the current infrastructure can support, as well as what kinds of changes, such as re-wiring or changing the electrical panels, may be needed to complete your project safely. Or, if you note that you’re having consistent electrical issues, from flickering lights to tripping circuit breakers, you may need an inspection. Sometimes, these problems can be fixed simply by completing repairs that get the building back up to code! Our licensed electricians will work on the project from start to finish and ensure that all inspections and permits get finished as per the Uniform Construction Codes to ensure the job was completed safely and responsibly.

Electrical Code Compliance in Minneapolis, MN

The team at Lumberjack Electric is professionally trained, certified, and bonded. We complete re-training every three years for the Uniform Construction Code updates and ongoing training to ensure that we’re compliant with changes in the Minnesota electrical codes. You know that you can trust an electrician from our locally owned and operated company to complete any job you need correctly the first time. We handle all sizes and scales of projects for both home and business owners, with fair pricing and reliable work. Discover why we’re the top-rated electrician in Minneapolis, MN– give us a call today to schedule an inspection or any other project!

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