Carbon Monoxide Detector

If you are like most homeowners from Bloomington to Hastings, you are always looking for ways to ensure the safety of your loved ones and home. At Lumberjack Electric, we understand your desire to protect your family. We are happy to offer our expert assistance in electrical safety, professional installations, and other features in your home to increase safety and your peace of mind. One of the most vital yet often overlooked aspects of home safety is the installation of carbon monoxide detectors. These devices provide a lifesaving warning when there is a carbon monoxide leak or build-up of this colorless, odorless toxic gas in your home.

Understanding Carbon Monoxide

As a colorless and odorless gas, carbon monoxide is produced when carbon is burned. So when an appliance in your home uses natural gas or propane combustion as a heat source, carbon monoxide is a byproduct of that process. These devices, like a furnace, dryer, or fireplace, should have proper ventilation or built-in venting to remove the carbon monoxide from your home.

When the carbon monoxide is not adequately vented out of the house, it builds up in the air inside your home, displacing the essential oxygen you should be breathing. The longer humans or domestic pets are exposed to carbon monoxide, the more oxygen-deprived they become. However, with properly installed and maintained carbon monoxide detectors, you will never need to worry about the life-threatening impact of carbon monoxide-laden air. The alarm will sound as soon as carbon monoxide is detected.

Ideal Placement For Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is slightly lighter than the air we breathe. So it will rise toward the ceiling in your home. The perfect placement for your home's carbon monoxide detectors is about five feet above the floor or on the ceiling to keep them out of harm's way. It is also recommended that a detector be located in each bedroom, in the shared living spaces of the house, and on stairways leading to upper floors for maximum safety and protection. Never place a detector directly above a fireplace or flame-producing appliances like a gas stove or water heater, as it can cause false alerts.

Testing And Carbon Monoxide Detector Care

Monthly tests are recommended to ensure the safety of your loved ones and home. Typical units have a push button to test the alarm and battery function. Batteries in carbon monoxide detectors should be changed every six months when you replace the batteries in your home's smoke detectors. In addition, it is essential to vacuum the detector at least once each year. Many homeowners prefer to err on the side of caution and vacuum the detector each time they replace the batteries.

Professional Installation

If you are unable to install carbon monoxide detectors in your home, call 612-236-9052 for expert assistance from the licensed electricians at Lumberjack Electric. We offer exceptional pricing on all our services, including a 20% discount for seniors. And each installation or project completed by the Lumberjack Electric team is backed by a complete warranty for added value and peace of mind for our customer's hard-earned money.

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