Benefits Of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

As a homeowner, you know that everything wears out eventually. But often, we only think about the appliances and fixtures that we use in a hands-on manor. Things like faucets and refrigerators come to mind when we think about upgrading our homes. But no one ever thinks about the age of their electrical panel or the many significant benefits that could be enjoyed after an electrical panel upgrade. But considering all of the technology and entertainment equipment in today’s homes, upgrading your electrical panel should be at the top of your home renovation wish list.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Protecting Your Electronics

Your Hastings home’s electrical panel is tasked with distributing power throughout your home. But it is also a safety feature. Each of the breakers is designed to trip or interrupt the circuit if there is a severe fluctuation in power. This feature will prevent a power surge from racing through your home’s electrical wiring and damaging or destroying things like your new computer, big screen TV, or your new air conditioner. However, as electrical panels age, this built-in safety feature can become less reliable. An upgraded panel will provide the best protection possible for all devices that make your home convenient and functional. When you add up the investment you have made in electronics and electrical appliances in your home, upgrading your electrical panel is simply a smart insurance plan.

New Features

If you are adding new features to your Stillwater home, an electrical panel upgrade is a great way to accommodate and protect exciting things like a new home theater, that workshop that you have always dreamed about, or a Level 2 charging station for your new electric vehicle. Other new features that would benefit from an electrical panel upgrade include a new hot tub or swimming pool or new central air. These items will function at their peak when they have consistent and reliable electricity from a new electrical panel.

More Space

A home renovation or addition to your Bloomington home is always filled with anticipation and enthusiasm. Enhancing the house that holds all of your milestone memories is even more rewarding than purchasing a new home. And you are looking forward to the added functionality and features you will enjoy in your upgraded sanctuary. This is the perfect time to ensure that your new space offers plenty of outlets and electricity for all of the things you will use every day. You will never need to search for outlet space or go looking for a power strip to charge a device or power an appliance, thanks to the added electrical capacity of your upgraded electrical panel. And with just a little extra preparation, you can add much-needed additional outlets throughout your home.

To learn more about the added safety and functionality an upgraded electrical panel can deliver, call 612-236-9052. The licensed electricians at Lumberjack Electric are here to answer your questions and provide you with a complete cost quote to complete the project.

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