A/C Efficiency

Residents in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area know that saving electricity is a smart move for their household budget and the environment. What they might not realize is that in the summer months, their home's air conditioner can account for nearly 75% of the energy consumed by their household. So following a few guidelines to increase their ACs efficiency is undoubtedly going to provide substantial savings. The experts at Lumberjack Electric have compiled some of their favorite tips to help everyone in the community boost their ACs efficiency and save some hard-earned money.

Give Your AC A Break

When your air conditioner is overworked, it begins gulping power. To help relieve some of that massive workload that comes with the summer heat, be sure that you are keeping the vents in your home free of obstructions. It could be a new potted plant or a recently purchased chair that is blocking a register. But no matter what stops the flow of cool air, it costs you energy and money.

When vents are blocked, your home does not cool as well as when the air can easily circulate. The result is the unit running more frequently and longer than it should be. Check around each room to ensure that the vents are not blocked, and the cool air can keep your entire house comfortable.

Keep You Cool Air Indoors

You can help take even more stress off your AC by ensuring that there are no air leaks around the doors and windows in your home. You are paying good money for your air conditioner to create pleasant cool air. Don't let those gaps around doors and windows steal that refreshing air and your money. A can of foam or a tube of caulk is typically all you need to eliminate these costly air leaks that are overworking your AC system.

Go Programmable

Installing a programmable thermostat is a great way to save money and never sacrifice your comfort level. The beauty of these devices is that they adjust your home's temperature when you are away to save you money and wear on your air conditioner. Set the program to increase the temperature a few degrees when at work and return it to your ideal temperature just before you arrive home. These great additions to your HVAC system are sure to pay for themselves in just the first year, thanks to significant energy savings.

Make Filter Inspections A Monthly Habit

The air filters in your air conditioner do an essential job. Unfortunately, when they are covered in dust and dirt, they deprive your AC of much-needed airflow. That lack of air makes the unit work harder and costs you a lot of money. Make it a habit to inspect the filters each month and replace them as needed. This simple process will save you money each month on your electric bill and add to the life of your AC components.

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